How Salesforce Enables Manufacturing?

Unlike services-based industries which have been engine of growth for economies in the recent decades, manufacturing industry has been a bulwark of a nation for centuries. But because of a long record of being in business, manufacturing industry has had to operate with legacy systems and processes.

Key decision makers in manufacturing operations have preferred status quo, as unlike the business mantra of “fail fast fail often” that drives some industries in most cases in manufacturing industry this would be a disaster. Quality, safety and resilience of processes will take a priority over innovation in a manufacturing operation.

With the adoption of digital in manufacturing, incorporating aspects like 3d printing, Internet of Things and robotics, manufacturing operations are getting disrupted. In this changing scenario, manufacturers need to transform their operations.

To adapt their processes to changing business dynamics, manufacturers are integrating customer relationship management (CRM) software to their Enterprise Planning Systems. Salesforce cloud Platform one of the leading CRM solution is a platform of choice for the industry and it can transform manufacturing operations making them more customer centric.

Salesforce enables a corporation to generate business insights and with its integration capabilities, helps a corporation integrate disparate business functions.

Salesforce helps manufacturing operation through various mechanisms, some of them are:

Salesforce enables manufacturing industry to move beyond archaic systems:-

Executives operating in the manufacturing industry have for long kept their records in excel spreadsheets and notebooks. By operating in this setup these reps have missed out on having access to emails, call logs, reminders and quoting functionality. In this scenario identifying and closing business opportunities is a tough job leading to lost revenue.

Salesforce Platform helps executives overcome these challenges making it simpler to foster relationships and generate revenue. By leveraging Salesforce, data silos are breached, making revenue forecasting more accurate.


Within Salesforce Platform connecting different aspects of your business is a breeze. Disconnected business operations present significant challenge for manufacturers. If sales team does not have visibility to the inventory in warehouse or finance has dated accessibility to sales numbers, it will have a direct impact on revenue and profitability. This Information might live in your company’s ERP system, Financial Systems or Sales Force Automation Systems but with this data being in a silo decision maker will not have updated information. That is where Salesforce integration comes into picture.

Leverage Omnichannel Commerce

With Salesforce acquisition of Demandware manufacturing business, it now has a powerful platform at their disposal. This can transform their customers buying experience. With Salesforce configure, price, and quote (CPQ) solution automating the sales process to design the right solution for every customer is enabling acceleration of sales processes.

In Conclusion:

In digital twin future, manufacturers must aggregate, analyze and act on data that their organization is producing. Salesforce helps a corporation do just that.

If you want more details on how HIC Global Solutions can help you transform your manufacturing operations by implementing Salesforce, drop us a note and we would love to share more information.