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At HIC Global Solutions we can support your business as it looks to use the best analytics and business functions that Salesforce has to offer. With six separate services to improve your productivity and profitability, we can create the framework you need to achieve your business growth plans.

Salesforce CRM Integration Services

  • Facilitating seamless connectivity between your system, devices, and chosen programs, HIC Global Solutions’ API Integration Service enables you to integrate the right combination of apps your business needs to succeed. Whether you need apps from the public or private cloud, we'll help you access the data and processes you need, no matter where you are. More than anything else, as a Salesforce Partner company, we realize the predicament organizations working with disparate data centers face. Isolated processes could veer off at a tangent, serving more as bottlenecks. A unified platform integration could alleviate the pain of revisiting a disconnected system for each process besides lending itself to concerted, cross-organizational strategies.
  • Quite often, isolated processes could wade into unintended directions, eventually serving as bottlenecks.
  • A unified platform integration could alleviate the pain of revisiting a disconnected system for each process. This is besides lending itself to concerted, cross-organizational strategies.
  • Our integrations seek to drive streamlined data operations and collaborative efforts across devices and platforms, with interoperability taking precedence.
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Why You Should Rely On Us For Salesforce Integration Services

As quality standards go, we raise the bar for delivery frequently. Here’s how.
  • We’re at the very forefront of improvements and superiority in this space. Our work builds on years of service delivery experience for even the most convoluted of integrations.
  • Our vast integrations specific experience has manifested as successfully deployed enterprise integrations and credible testimonies of product success and seamlessness.
  • Profound familiarity with popular data formats and protocols lends itself to piece together the most involved legacy components you can throw at us.
  • We make industry-best middleware tech from years of integrations with Salesforce platform and Plugins.
  • Custom connectors, centralized databases for accuracy, and prediction enhancements from us deliver on the twin agendas of 360-degree views and Single Truth.
  • Our matured approach to Component and custom app synchronizations, give you consistency for confidence in decision making. The approach stems from a deep understanding of the investment aspects and sensibilities behind integrations specific to different businesses.
  • Through maintainable structures and hierarchies in our deliverables, we seek to ensure consistent messaging and perceptions for your establishment.
  • Successful integrations by us spell faster data retrieval, trimming excesses that weigh down performance, and processes streamlined to facilitate returns.

Our Integration Process

At HIC Global Solutions, we know that implementations and prepping for adoption are key ingredients. The heart of this lies in aligning implementations to clearly identifiable business goals. Here’s a primer on how we set you up for success, long after the integration takes over.

Thorough Inspection

  • Before anything else, validating fits for your technology environment needs thorough exploration.

Zero Fail Prerequisites

  • Deciding on case-appropriate transforms, formats, and volumes for migration are essential steps. That requires precisely configured tools to stand between source and target systems for integrations to be meaningful. Besides this, Field, Objects, and automation must be also built and mapped suitably.

Gearing For Adoption

  • Getting the most from your investment in a platform is a primary concern, elevating the importance of platform knowledge and assimilation. This is augmented by adequate knowledge of manipulations for future expansions.

Client Testimonials

Why our clients love us - The proven Salesforce approach for success
Most recommended Salesforce partners. Kumar and his team were easily available and accessible for adjustments needed for our project. It was delivered successfully in a timely fashion. His team understood our requirements clearly and the project was completed successfully.
Eric FedermanSales Manager
Piyush and his company have delivered everything we requested in a timely and cost-effective manner. The first job resulted in us awarding him a second job (a CRM implementation) for another client that was much more involved. They executed that very well also. The staff is conscientious and good with communication and follow up. I would recommend you consider them for any CRM work you would like help with.
MIKE SHANNONBusiness Owner
Piyush and his team at HIC have provided fantastic service and support as an offshore technical development resource on a variety of freelance SFDC implementation engagements I have lead, Their response time, rate of work and communication are outstanding. I hope to be able to work with the team again in the future
RICHARD HBusiness Owner
Sumit and his team did a great job with many requirements for our sf.com installation that were beyond the normal deployment. Will definitely use again.
Jay OyakawaDermpro
Overall a good experience and we’ll continue to work with Sumit. We had some definite issues relaying exactly what we wanted, but that’s a problem that cuts two ways I’m sure.
Taryn LavaccaRED Vappor
Piyush and his team have worked on several stages of a complex Salesforce CRM development project with us over the last 12 months. Initially, we were apprehensive with us being a UK company but I absolutely commend Piyush in the professionalism, speed, and efficiency of his team. We have now built a great business relationship with guaranteed repeat business.
HARRY GIRVANFleet Simplicity
Piyush has been the lead delivering a software project for BWG Strategy. Piyush is an incredible addition to any team, and if he was based in NYC, I’d hire him today. He’s bring, personable and a good guy. Piyush has the qualities that I value most. He is an excellent communicator. He thinks through a problem, establishes efficient solutions and communicates the pros/cons of each path. Piyush sets expectations and delivers. Piyush is highly effective. If he says that he will deliver something by Monday, he’ll work the weekend and extra hours to make sure he hits his deadlines. I’ve been very happy working with Piyush and would welcome offering a reference wherever it’s useful.
Greg IrwinBWG Strategy
Working with Sumit and his team was a great experience. They market themselves as Salesforce experts, and I believe that to be perfectly accurate. I look forward to working with Sumit and his team again in the future.
Trenton JohnsonData Management Inc.
Piyush and Sumit were excellent in their approach to my project which was integrating campaign monitor with Salesforce. It turned into a very complex project, but they never gave up and were able to resolve everything, I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.
Chris RennieHouse Lab Media
Worked with Piyush and his team, and the experience was fantastic. They delivered on items that other firms said could not be done. The team was very easy to work with and were very responsive. We will certainly be using Piyush and his team for future projects. Thanks, Piyush!
United ConstructionDirector of Marketing

Case Studies

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Salesforce Implementation for Automated Quote generation and collection of Services over Campaigns

Salesforce for Marketing B2B Industry to Improve collections and customer satisfaction at the same time for billed, quote services.

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Salesforce lightning components automations for Transforming a Salesforce Org for Australian based Investment Company

Salesforce lightning components automation for Transforming a Salesforce Org for award-winning Australian based Investment Company

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Salesforce lightning based integration of robust data pipeline for lead generation and monitoring

Salesforce lightning Experience Reduce time & errors in lead generation & marketing deliverables with custom data pipelines for Salescloud platforms.

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Salesforce for Insurance industry for End-to-end collections automation for a B2B marketing intelligence firm based in Italy

Salesforce for Insurance drive case ownership through managed email communications and Automated Quote Generation & Collections for services over Campaigns for Atomic ad

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