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HIC Global Solutions Services

At HIC Global Solutions we can support your business as it looks to use the best analytics and business functions that Salesforce has to offer. With six separate services to improve your productivity and profitability, we can create the framework you need to achieve your business growth plans.

Salesforce Support And Maintenance Services

  • With HIC Global Solutions, your Salesforce Consulting Partners have the very best selection of consultants to rely on.
  • Our suite of Maintenance and Support plans prepare to address every key enterprise concern with prompt, undivided attention. This covers, among other Salesforce products and Salesforce Integrations, the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud.
  • Our team of certified consultants features experienced, industry-best admins, developers and testing staff you won’t find anywhere else.

Key Features Of Our Salesforce Maintenance

  • Our extensive Service Level Agreement cover 2nd and 3rd Tier(L2 & L3) Services.
  • We deliver support models closely aligned with the ITIL framework.
  • Our on-hand support engineering teams ascertain 24*7 availability of the system.

Our Salesforce Support Offerings

Based on your requirements, we preside over the entirety of development and administration for your desired Salesforce enhancement, or solely a limited set of support purposes.

Administration Support

Daily Administration

Against user specifications, we configure solutions for operational continuity within Salesforce through setups for Workflows, Customized Reports, and related app installations.

Data Administration

Besides data loading into the implementations we make for your Org, and subsequent cleansing, duplicates and validation rules are also set up.

24/7 System Monitoring

We understand the importance of cataloging performance errors early and lasting remedial measures to prevent breakdowns and critical system issues.

Monthly Health Checks

Your Salesforce solution is reviewed monthly for inefficacy to single out features that may need finetuning.

User Help Desk

We support your use of the Salesforce instance through responses concerning issues such as system unavailability that may hit multiple users.

Demo HIC

We support your use of the Salesforce instance through responses concerning issues such as system unavailability that may hit multiple users.

Development Support


Issues around complexity, performance numbers, system security that need code fixes are dealt with swiftly.

System Evolution

We steer transformational, even substantive, enhancements to Salesforce Org based on assessments of change requests. Our changes to system defaults are fast but, don’t break anything to disrupt the continuity of business.

Client Testimonials

Why our clients love us - The proven Salesforce approach for success
Great team who are a pleasure to work with. We have been working with Piyush and his team for over a year now and we are always delighted with their work. Great at keeping in touch and updating us as to whats going on with our projects,they are also contactable at pretty much any time – day or night!”
ED OCAMPOSalesforce Consultant
HIC Global Solutions provide exceptional service, the team are always available to speak with and answer any questions. I now see HIC solutions as a technical partner for my business to help with the future road map of my application along with offering technical support to my customers, from design, implementation to training.
Ash MakwanaTrigerz
Sumit Mishra is a rock star! He was available all the time. I was about as clueless as could be. Not only did he do what I asked him to do, he was a mentor and a guide along the way. I will go to him first for projects in the future.
Thomas BrainskyBonifate LLC
I have used Piyush and his team on several projects and I am consistently very satisfied with his work. He is efficient and sets and manages the scope of work very efficiently. If he says a task will be done by Friday, it is done by Friday.  I hired Piyush and his team specifically for their Salesforce expertise and they have not disappointed. They’ve enabled my own company to use the vast power of Salesforce more fully and efficiently. To sum up, Piyush can handle your Salesforce project and he underpromises and overdelivers on project goals.
David SugrueSunnova Energy Corp
Piyush has been the lead delivering a software project for BWG Strategy. Piyush is an incredible addition to any team, and if he was based in NYC, I’d hire him today. He’s bring, personable and a good guy. Piyush has the qualities that I value most. He is an excellent communicator. He thinks through a problem, establishes efficient solutions and communicates the pros/cons of each path. Piyush sets expectations and delivers. Piyush is highly effective. If he says that he will deliver something by Monday, he’ll work the weekend and extra hours to make sure he hits his deadlines. I’ve been very happy working with Piyush and would welcome offering a reference wherever it’s useful.
Greg IrwinBWG Strategy
Piyush and Sumit were excellent in their approach to my project which was integrating campaign monitor with Salesforce. It turned into a very complex project, but they never gave up and were able to resolve everything, I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.
Chris RennieHouse Lab Media
Worked with Piyush and his team, and the experience was fantastic. They delivered on items that other firms said could not be done. The team was very easy to work with and were very responsive. We will certainly be using Piyush and his team for future projects. Thanks, Piyush!
United ConstructionDirector of Marketing
Working with Sumit and his team was a great experience. They market themselves as Salesforce experts, and I believe that to be perfectly accurate. I look forward to working with Sumit and his team again in the future.
Trenton JohnsonData Management Inc.
The team HIC was very helpful on our migration process. He learned fast our environment, sticked with the budget and the scope of the project and was right on to solve our problemas. Thanks!
Felipe BarreirosEleven Financial Research
“I was pleased with the communication and appearance of work being done but had no idea what was really going on because of no use of screenshot monitor and the work was taking much longer than expected so decided to end this contract.”
Clive TaylorDoability UK Ltd

Case Studies

Scalable Opportunity-handling and Reports for a Florida-based Network Security Firm

Salesforce automation Witness Custom Flow and Batch Schedule automation for reduced decision-making turnarounds by agents.

More details

Salesforce Service Cloud implementation for integrated Customer Life-cycles

Salesforce service cloud implementation Service Cloud-based automation of knowledgebase, permissions, and mail outs for a Fin-Serv company

More details

Salesforce Implementation for Automated Quote generation and collection of Services over Campaigns

Salesforce for Marketing B2B Industry to Improve collections and customer satisfaction at the same time for billed, quote services.

More details

Salesforce lightning components automations for Transforming a Salesforce Org for Australian based Investment Company

Salesforce lightning components automation for Transforming a Salesforce Org for award-winning Australian based Investment Company

More details

Salesforce lightning based integration of robust data pipeline for lead generation and monitoring

Salesforce lightning Experience Reduce time & errors in lead generation & marketing deliverables with custom data pipelines for Salescloud platforms.

More details

Salesforce for Insurance industry for End-to-end collections automation for a B2B marketing intelligence firm based in Italy

Salesforce for Insurance drive case ownership through managed email communications and Automated Quote Generation & Collections for services over Campaigns for Atomic ad

More details

Salesforce Implementation for faster volunteer eligibility processes for non-profits

Salesforce Implementation for nonprofit Making eligibility-checks easier for resource-strapped non-profit agents California-based educational foundation

More details

Salesforce Lightning Component integration based Constructing field-based templates with stream input for field data from existing Salesforce cloud firmware.

Salesforce Lightning Component integration based Constructing field-based templates with stream input for field data from existing Salesforce cloud firmware

More details

Salesforce Implementation for Flawless cash management solutions for enterprise retail to enable mobile capabilities for Field Service Agents.

Salesforce case management implementation to track cash flows at different outlets. Further, Records were created for tracking refunds and billing payments.

More details

Salesforce Implementation for reliable real-time notification system for Record changes across the database to stimulate agent proactiveness.

Salesforce Implementation for real-time notification on Leads scored Sales made, Contact management, followups appointments and schedules Contracts

More details

Facilitating Production Cycle Tracking And Reports For A Washington-based Sustainable Woodworking Outlet

Salesforce Implementation for tracking and reports generation to generate PDFs for invoices and acknowledgements from the product models.

More details

Salesforce for healthcare industry to display all patient Records as Leads, insert and remove patients status and administer follow-ups like mailing through action buttons.

Salesforce for healthcare industry Custom Lead, Service, and Email pages for Enhanced Case Pursuit and Follow-Ups Management.

More details

Salesforce Implementation to streamlined the web to lead channels for newsletters, sales and service to map appropriate Salesforce objects.

Salesforce Implementation to streamlined the Lead consolidation, Call logging, and integrations for emails, real-time record manipulation.

More details

Salesforce Workflow management rules creation for case-based email templates and alerts to manage records.

Salesforce Workflow management rules for case-based email templates and alerts to manage records of applicants reminders and relevant engagements.

More details

Salesforce integration with conga composer to generate documentation and invoices using custom and standard Salesforce objects.

Conga integration with Salesforce entails documentation work & invoicing of sales & services to resolve all tickets raised for requested services.

More details

Salesforce integration of conga composer and google maps for incorporating property maps with multiple, accurate location pins and generate records.

Salesforce Google maps & Conga Composer for incorporating property maps with multiple, accurate location pins and generate records.

More details

Salesforce Xero integration for unified Invoice generator helping small businesses save time and grow with variety of helpful features.

Salesforce Xero integration helping niche FMCG suppliers to analyze orders for product success and Easier Invoice Generation.

More details

Salesforce Page Layouts for Trimming Access Times, enabling Agent Productivity, and Interoperability for a Salesforce solutions firm serving legal institutions

Salesforce solution to legal institutions of varying interests for enhancements to improve Records access for case files.

More details

Salesforce for healthcare enabling doctors to deliver better treatment to patient and delivering excellent patient experiences

Salesforce for healthcare enabling doctors to deliver better treatment to the patient with a single point of engagement delivering excellent experiences

More details

Salesforce integration with improveit 360 a business management CRM software that helps in driving home improvement with Sales & Business Management App

The business management platform is built to increase the organization’s growth exponentially by lowering costs, improving profits and managing e leads, sales, marketing, projects, scheduling appointments.

More details

Salesforce for Healthcare with Custom Code Development, making it easier to connect to every patient on a single unified platform and offer them the right services faster

Salesforce for Healthcare offers the 360-degree view on each patient’s illness helping in understanding the patient and their issues while accelerating their treatment and proactive care solely focusing on medicine.

More details

Salesforce custom site development to fetch the data from various hotel booking websites and shows the comparative prices to customer

Salesforce custom site development for hotel bookings to fetch the data from various hotel booking websites and shows the comparative prices to customer.

More details

Salesforce Automation integrates all of your sales processes into one solution and automates them maximizing the team’s potential.

Salesforce automation and innovation, Automotive Salesforce CRM not only increases the productivity and efficiency of the team with real-time information but also accelerates the growth and potential of the business.

More details

Integrating Excel’s API to Salesforce to ramp up productivity, load data into proper fields, make automatic updates to centralized master sheets.

Salesforce lets you make reports on the data with critical analysis, provide meaningful insights, forecast revenue growth, offer real-time data and prepare dashboards to understand the ongoing processes, enticing the organizations to move from spreadsheets to Salesforce.

More details

Computer Telephonic Integration with Salesforce to handle each patient effectively and proactively and offer personalized customer service

Computer Telephonic Integration with Salesforce is an accolade for the enterprise that relies on CRM and majorly deals with customer service.

More details

Integration of conga composer with salesforce to track the progress of financial services and simplify the process of document generation required in any sales cycle.

Using the API Integration service of HIC Global Solutions, this Integration of Conga Composer with Google Drive takes the document generation to the next level by using Salesforce data for the document generation and saving that document in the Google Drive of the customer.

More details

Modernize the Process of Pension Management with Salesforce that offers a flexible, scalable and automated pension management system

Pension Management with Salesforce is an online pension manager that makes the pension funding process more efficient from day one.

More details

Salesforce shopify Integration to form relationships with the shoppers anywhere in the world and deliver faster, smarter and personalized service.

Shopify and Salesforce integration, the Customer and Order data from the Shopify website of Matti D meticulously save into the Opportunity and Client of Salesforce.

More details

Salesforce Inventory Manager to administer the product order, availability and transit from a central location

Salesforce Inventory Manager works on an inventory-centric approach having real-time information and control on the inventory process. Tracking through every stage of operations, from order receipt to production, to shipment and delivery.

More details

Bi-Directional Integration of data from Campaign Monitor to salesforce and from Salesforce to campaign monitor to manage all the customer data, records, accounts and opportunities

Campaign Monitor and Salesforce Integration provides a successful, powerful email marketing automation integration with Salesforce to manage customer to manage all the customer data, records, accounts and opportunities.

More details

Lead Management by Custom Fields to improve the sales pipeline, manage the recurring leads to go beyond regular monitoring of sales efficiency

Lead Management by Custom Fields bridges the gap between sales and marketing team, effectively managing, filtering, qualifying and nurturing the leads and closing them to get the business on board.

More details

Salesforce and ActiveCampaign Integration for experiencing full marketing automation to manage leads and opportunities in Salesforce.

Experience full marketing automation with Salesforce and ActiveCampaign Integration. Salesforce and ActiveCampaign Integration allows you to manage your leads and opportunities in Salesforce with the full power of ActiveCampaign that market to those contacts.

More details

Task Automation with Salesforce to consolidated all of its customer data in Salesforce manages leads, projects, opportunities and customer information.

Task Automation with Salesforce consolidated all of its customer data in Salesforce, creating cross-divisional records and standardizing the way it manages leads, projects, territories, assignments, opportunities and customer information.

More details

Access Control with Salesforce to streamline the process of generating leads, manage them and to convert them into opportunities.

Access Control with Salesforce provides layers of security with lots of flexibility to accommodate virtually any business need. It is a fundamental concept in security that minimizes risk to the business or organization.

More details

Salesforce dynamic application accelerating acquisition, data management, automation and innovation service for SPAs and therapists.

Salesforce for brick and mortar SPAs and Therapies helps Spas and Therapy companies to collaborate with your platform helping you get new products into the market faster, turn your valuable data into the actionable insights and revolutionize your user base.

More details

Salesforce Inventory Manager to Manage and track all the products order, availability, transit and business performance at one central location

Salesforce Inventory Manager  is specifically designed to bring increased simplicity, integration, efficiency and visibility to your business. It is tailored to the needs of your products, orders and customers, all managed in the one place.

More details

Integration with Shopify for a storefront and all the past years data centralized and accessible in Salesforce.

ISSIMI offers members a new collector experience. One built with customer service, trust, and transparency at its core. With over 60 years of combined experience in the speciality car market, ISSIMI’s team is dedicated to taking the opacity out of collecting cars.

More details

Salesforce Xero Integration integrate the accounting with the CRM to ease the invoice of records exist before creating or updating any record.

Xero has changed the accounting landscape for small and medium size businesses. This cloud based accounting software builds trusted relationship with clients and connects with right numbers anytime anywhere.

More details

Integrate twilio with salesforce for SMS update to customer on their query or service request.

House Flipping HQ with HIC streamlines the users’ experience and improve their efficiency by integrating Twilio SMS into Salesforce. Twilio offered an easy-to-use API and SMS coverage toward rapid development.

More details

Instapage and Salesforce Integration with Visualforce Pages that automates the process of saving leads directly into the Salesforce.

Instapage helps in increasing conversions by enabling the creation, personalization, and optimization of landing pages.  These professional landing pages offers features such as A/B Testing, multiple campaign management, easy page building, and a lot more

More details

Salesforce drawloop integration to generate documents based on the records.

The Salesforce and Drawloop integration simplifies document creation in Salesforce using the dynamic data available in the Salesforce. This Document Generation is quickly and easily and uses Salesforce data to create opportunities quotes in PDF documents.

More details

Empower your Sales and Customer Support functions by seamless SAP Salesforce and Shopify Integration.

The Shopify, Salesforce and SAP integration bridges the workflows, data and information and enhances each the application’s features while managing the business operations swiftly. Serving as a companion to the Sales and the Manufacturing team, this integration connects Shopify, Salesforce and SAP, gives the power to synchronize all data, connect apps and configure flexible workflows.

More details

Salesforce field service lightning – making appointment with home cleaners easy and Quick

Eco Green Air Duct Cleaning focuses on providing services like air duct cleaning, video inspection, and dryer vent cleaning selected by the customer. A service request is generated by the customer through its website leaving a gap between their queries on the website and the field technicians that executes the tasks.

More details

Salesforce Connecting App that establishes & manages communication between Salesforce CRM & other systems using Visual Pages

Bringing the Power of Salesforce to the Organization where Automated System Connector is a Salesforce connecting app that establishes and manages communication between Salesforce CRM and other systems, using Visual Pages to interpret authorization messages that systems exchange.

More details

Leveraging the power of salesforce to build custom ecommerce platform for retail in texas USA

Understanding the issue of sleep deprivation and restless sleep, Proper Pillow from California came forward with its product ‘Proper Pillow’ that allows a sound sleep in proper alignment.

More details

Salesforce and Shopify Integration for Non- Profit to put the donors information on work and integrating Shopify in Salesforce via Zapier

Run your business from one dashboard and easily stay in touch with your donors. Now, with a click of a button, you can put your donors information to work and take action on promotions, coupons & discounts

More details

Generating Professional looking Quote in Salesforce professional edition and easy deal closure

The Meticulous Quotes Generator unties your hands and gives you the opportunity to easily create sophisticated, consistent and accurate quotes and customize those quotes as much as you want.

More details

Salesforce and Shopify integration to manage orders, maintain inventory and see business insights for e-retailer..

Salesforce-Shopify Integration integrates Shopify account with the Salesforce automating the entire process saving time, increasing efficiency and growing revenue with easy workflow.

More details

Integration of Square space with salesforce to captures leads through website and stored as Google Contact and to iPhone contacts

Squarespace is the easiest CMS to create a beautiful website, online stores for business and personal use; while managing your operations, promoting your brand or sell your product from a single platform.

More details

Generate invoice and Quotes to improve the accuracy of the invoices along with a constant track on the status of its processing.

A Michigan based Jewish Services Provider Company, The Shull, while aiming to improve the lives of the people for the better part had difficulty with its invoicing system. Though being a very simple process, it requires significant accuracy and resources.

More details

Integration of Stripe and Quickbooks to Salesforce streamlines the process to analyze, share and organize the data

Fleet Simplicity specializes in innovative vehicle telematics, asset tracking and management, and vehicle CCTV solutions. They offer fleet management and other related services.

More details


Ever since the launch back in 2011, WooCommerce has been a popular solution for small and medium merchants. The discussion over advantages of this platform has long been won by the proponents

More details