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HIC Global Solutions Services

At HIC Global Solutions we can support your business as it looks to use the best analytics and business functions that Salesforce has to offer. With six separate services to improve your productivity and profitability, we can create the framework you need to achieve your business growth plans.

Salesforce Lightning Services

The Salesforce Lightning Experience has all the features you need to send your sales into orbit and create the best possible customer relationship management process. At HIC Global Solutions, we can help you to unlock that potential for your business and with our expertise in this premier[key] service. Our team can utilize Lightning to create a streamlined, fully customized Salesforce CRM with the right Apps and system processing for your needs.

Hitch a ride[Jump] aboard the Salesforce Lightning Speedway

On-ramp[On-board] your enterprise to a Modern-day UX, Faster Application Builds, a prolific feature set, and Operationally efficient Process Automations.
Expect Masterful Enablements – and Nothing Less.


Migrate Salesforce Classic To Lightning Development Service And Support

Extensible Modularity That Stems From Proven Consulting Expertise
HIC’s sought-after consultants help you jump through transitions to Lightning smoothly, and with continuity of business. Strategize your switchover to Lightning even for active, heavily-configured instances. Our Rigorous compatibility checks and thoughtful re-design help you as you go on to extend your core business or add more services.
Powerful Process Automation for Enterprise
Watch as the Process Automations we build for you take on an indispensable [inseparable] [life of their own]. Replace sub-optimal [manual] processes to witness a [tremendous] jump in efficiency. Our Process Builder configurations are designed to unleash Lighting’s best capabilities.
Responsive Client Apps and Enablements Across the Device Spectrum
We pay deft attention to app packaging arrangements, managed and unmanaged, through our development process. Lightning readiness is by-design. Mobile-ready, Single Page Responsive apps are delivered through the Lightning Frameworks. We create custom experiences for consistent end-to-end ambiance through Lightning ready approaches for the entire mobile device spectrum. We’re equipped to develop comprehensive, easily re-factorable Lightning Components that lend themselves to accelerated development in future extensions and functionalities.
Level up on the latest Platform Tools
Advanced UI renders, Task Creation, Tracking, Legible Dashboards, Dynamic View and Filters, Drag-and-drops, and Customizable homepages. Need we say more? And that’s besides all the features that come with each new release.

Benefits Of Salesforce Lightning Migrations

Intelligent Customizations

  • In the right hands, well-executed migrations could springboard off force-multiplying developments and customizations for your Salesforce Org.
  • Watch your mean TATs [Turn-Around-Times] fall, freeing you up [giving back time] for innovation, core business, and resource expansion.
  • Our integrations allow for cross-platform interoperability, especially for mission-critical enterprise applications.
  • As a firm with a deep appreciation for consequences, our development and feedback processes eliminate unintended disruptions to business by-design.
  • The Lightning Experience is made to be used in conjunction with Lightning Components that come accompanied by a client-server framework.
  • Our considerable experience with migrations has a zero data-loss track record.
Salesforce Lightning services


  • Aiming at rich, consistent user experience and device ambiance, our offerings from the Lightning Framework are built to go toe-to-toe with the latest in browser technology across mobile devices.
  • Our experience delivering apps for Field agents and practitioners helps us understand and resolve data access requirements more closely than others.

Call our Salesforce Lightning Consultants today for practical, expert advice on Lightning Readiness, Customizations, Component reusability, Classic-to-Lightning Migrations, UI strategies, and developments from mobile.

Get delivered the Lightning Experience that transforms your Organisation.

Client Testimonials

Why our clients love us - The proven Salesforce approach for success
Piyush has been the lead delivering a software project for BWG Strategy. Piyush is an incredible addition to any team, and if he was based in NYC, I’d hire him today. He’s bring, personable and a good guy. Piyush has the qualities that I value most. He is an excellent communicator. He thinks through a problem, establishes efficient solutions and communicates the pros/cons of each path. Piyush sets expectations and delivers. Piyush is highly effective. If he says that he will deliver something by Monday, he’ll work the weekend and extra hours to make sure he hits his deadlines. I’ve been very happy working with Piyush and would welcome offering a reference wherever it’s useful.
Greg IrwinBWG Strategy
Piyush and his team at HIC have provided fantastic service and support as an offshore technical development resource on a variety of freelance SFDC implementation engagements I have lead, Their response time, rate of work and communication are outstanding. I hope to be able to work with the team again in the future
RICHARD HBusiness Owner
Piyush and his team have worked on several stages of a complex Salesforce CRM development project with us over the last 12 months. Initially, we were apprehensive with us being a UK company but I absolutely commend Piyush in the professionalism, speed, and efficiency of his team. We have now built a great business relationship with guaranteed repeat business.
HARRY GIRVANFleet Simplicity
Most recommended Salesforce partners. Kumar and his team were easily available and accessible for adjustments needed for our project. It was delivered successfully in a timely fashion. His team understood our requirements clearly and the project was completed successfully.
Eric FedermanSales Manager
I have used Piyush and his team on several projects and I am consistently very satisfied with his work. He is efficient and sets and manages the scope of work very efficiently. If he says a task will be done by Friday, it is done by Friday.  I hired Piyush and his team specifically for their Salesforce expertise and they have not disappointed. They’ve enabled my own company to use the vast power of Salesforce more fully and efficiently. To sum up, Piyush can handle your Salesforce project and he underpromises and overdelivers on project goals.
David SugrueSunnova Energy Corp
I recently worked with Piyush and his team on a project to build some custom fields and workflows in our SFDC instance. They did an excellent job and finished the job very quickly. As the requirements of my project changed, the team was able to pivot quickly and make the updates almost immediately. They were very communicative during the entire project and would jump on a call with me any time it was needed. I will definitely work with the Head in Cloud team in the future.
Lisa RouseXplore Technologies
Sumit Mishra is a rock star! He was available all the time. I was about as clueless as could be. Not only did he do what I asked him to do, he was a mentor and a guide along the way. I will go to him first for projects in the future.
Thomas BrainskyBonifate LLC
Very fast, accurate and professional. I worked with the HIC team to build some custom fields and workflows in our SFDC instance. They were really good about explaining what needed to be done, checking in with status, and pivoting when the project requirements changed on my end. I will definitely work with HIC again
LISA ROUSESr. Sales Manager
“I was pleased with the communication and appearance of work being done but had no idea what was really going on because of no use of screenshot monitor and the work was taking much longer than expected so decided to end this contract.”
Clive TaylorDoability UK Ltd
HIC Global Solutions provide exceptional service, the team are always available to speak with and answer any questions. I now see HIC solutions as a technical partner for my business to help with the future road map of my application along with offering technical support to my customers, from design, implementation to training.
Ash MakwanaTrigerz

Case Studies

Leveraging the power of salesforce to build custom ecommerce platform for retail in texas USA

Understanding the issue of sleep deprivation and restless sleep, Proper Pillow from California came forward with its product ‘Proper Pillow’ that allows a sound sleep in proper alignment.

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Salesforce and Shopify Integration for Non- Profit to put the donors information on work and integrating Shopify in Salesforce via Zapier

Run your business from one dashboard and easily stay in touch with your donors. Now, with a click of a button, you can put your donors information to work and take action on promotions, coupons & discounts

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