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Challenger Smallgoods is a Sydney-based, American-recipe small meat goods producer for pre-packed retail, besides wholesaling to national retailers, eateries, and farmer’s markets.

The delicatessen uses only locally-reared, grass-fed livestock, hardwood smoke, and the choicest curing condiments for its terrene flavor tones.

With 13 years of meat charcuterie experience behind them, the establishment supplies an assortment of smoked and rested deli items like sausages, briskets, and steaks to farmer’s markets and eateries throughout the nation.

Salesforce Xero Integration

Challenges Faced

As an upcoming company looking to embrace Salesforce, among their first requirements, the enterprise needed to mirror their invoice items in Xero as order line items under Salesforce in real-time. They needed to see all order items under relevant product categories to track expenditure patterns.

The other precedence was individual and consolidated PDFs of selected orders with a custom design to replicate the essence of their company webpage for staff experience.

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Key Improvement for Client

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Reduction in access and Turnaround time for PDF generation
0 %
Rise in total invoiced orders
0 %
Fall reported for avoidable stockouts

The Solutions:

Chiefly, a rest API callout was written to sync Products, Accounts and Contact between Xero and the Salesforce instance for tabulated Orders, Product Variants, and Order Details to come up under each Product Type.

Then, VisualForce PDFs renders were deployed to list Orders, details of Product Variants and Shipping details as row entries on the Org’s standard List view page. From here, selection through radio buttons would generate a consolidated PDF of these records for more accessible inspection. Likewise, another similar VisualForce page would bring up details of Individual Orders.

Here’s a refresher in API callouts if you need an introduction

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  • Two-way accessification of order record details
  • Pre-emptive inventory measures to prevent stockouts
  • Singular, as well as, appended records for viewing preferences and utility
  • Transitioning to a mature CRM
  • Consolidated record to prevent loose ends
  • A centralized platform and parallel updates of digital invoice details
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