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As the ever-expanding reach of the internet goes, the tons of data on the prospective customers and consumers is available in abundance which needs to be understood, interpreted and reached out to.

Salesforce custom site enables you to create dynamic, data-driven public websites already integrated with your organization’s Salesforce; building a web experience that shows your data online and processes your customers through it. The strength of building such websites shares the look and consistency with your brand with your choice of URL to it.

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About Ststays

Based out in Toronto, Ontario, Ststays offers bookings from over 30 sources for short term rental property owners & hosts promising more bookings at higher prices, higher occupancy in the low season and income independent from one listing site.

Their services not only allow their hosts around the world to achieve these goals, it allows their hosts to do more with less time. Their services do all the heavy lifting & automation while allowing their hosts to focus on what they do best, hosting!

They have experience. They have been assisting hosts since 2013 and today have partnerships with over 30 booking sources that expose their listings to 100+ million visitors a month. They are dedicated to their promise: More Bookings & Site Independence with Time Saved.

Salesforce website development

Key Improvement for Client

0 %
Sharp Drop in redundant data through elimination of manual entries.
0 %
Increase in Y-o-Y revenue projected at the end fiscal year when deployed.
Days off executive decision making through predictive analytics for Report, Dashboards.

The Problem:

Customer experience is a significant part of the hotel industry and with the recent increase in the travel and its development over social media, it has become exceedingly important to offer perfect and personalized experiences to the travellers.

With the surge in travel and websites showing hotel prices lopsidedly, juggling through these websites and finding a perfect stay with incredible experiences has become difficult in this competitive hospitality industry for a large volume of customers.

Ststays wanted to develop a Salesforce custom site for hotel bookings that fetch the data from the various hotel booking websites and shows the comparative prices to the customer so that they can book their rooms according and have a delightful stay.

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The Solutions:

Ststays main directive is to go beyond the surface level and reach out to their customers on a deeper level. With HIC Global Solution’s services API integration and Salesforce Customization, a Salesforce custom site was made that took Ststays customer experience to the new era. They get to understand the customer, their needs which reduced their chance of losing potential customers without their employees spending long hours in fetching data and comparing it.

This hotel custom site proposes no more moving data from the website to the CRM as everything is created and stored in one place reducing the data inconsistencies and eliminating the manual errors. It reviews the data and allows the marketing and customer service teams to track and analyze it proactively.

Giving a seamless experience to the customer, Salesforce helps you harness the critical business analysis part providing lucrative insights on the bookings done or remaining, check-ins or checkouts, targeted discounts, the revenue growth, payments accountability, customer review and more.

The Features:

  • Unified customer view with all the data stored in one place leading to personalized experience to the customers.
  • Insightful data analysis with room bookings, behavior pattern, revenue generated, user ratings and more.
  • Advanced predictive analytics with powerful reporting tools and dashboards helping in targeted discounts, seasonal offers, pricing policies and more strategic decisions.
  • Streamlined customer support process and sales process with real-time data available at all times.
  • Automated routine tasks, marketing campaigns, customer review analysis and other hospitality processes.

Work Done

Salesforce website development
Salesforce website development
Salesforce website development
Salesforce website development
Salesforce website development


  • Real-time data analysis has maximized sales and revenue growth.
  • Direct sales and ROI has been increased.
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Seamless data management with a 360-degree view on the customer data.
  • Centralized user database.
  • Data inconsistencies and data redundancies have been removed.
  • Manual Error has been eliminated.
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