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Del Friscos’ is a major restaurant chain focussed heavily on serving steakhouse delicacies along with fine-wines. It believes in providing customers the American fine-dining experience. 


Del Friscos’ brings its unique steaks and wine experience to an exclusive group of people who enjoy fine-dining. Their promotional events span their entire chain and are necessarily diverse to take advantage of their local culture, helping individual outlets curate their experience a little differently than the rest. Email is their preferred marketing channel alerting their target demographic of special offers and events at nearby outlets.

Salesforce lightning component integration

Challenges Faced

The company’s campaigns seek to increase an outlet’s local market share, using subcultures of a state apart from the standard marketing opportunities during festivals and weekends. Thus, each marketing campaign would require a suitably designed template made from the available target audience data. Content management enabled with the Salesforce cloud suite for content management as well as creation. 

The primary marketing medium chosen at Del Friscos’ were email ads with enticing image content to target audiences. This often meant having to start a template from scratch and cycling through relevant customers that formed a target group. The process requires several aesthetic iterations through fonts, colors, and styles by several sales teams. In every campaign, templates are made from scratch and tailored to different outlets across the chain. Data is carefully updated if changes are made, more iterations eating into campaign launch time.

Del Frisco prioritizes the automation of campaign deliverables. Manipulating them in-form, without having to renavigate through all the media would be a significant gain. This provided salesforce an opportunity to use their lightning components tool to integrate uniquely, their entire marketing process.

Key Improvement for Client

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Dramatic reduction in TATs for ad rollout
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of Del-Friscos' chain experience streamlined and well-adapted templates for different outlets made possible
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More accurate accounting and adjusting for the response variable in real-time using only the single-salesforce platforms

The Solutions:

Using Lightning Components, the Salesforce team made the process of creation, editing, and management of web ads decentralized. The possible candidates for email ad templates were designed as dynamic objects composed of field items that could be easily populated with relevant data.

The marketing template to be used is broken into layers of fields. Fields like backdrop images, an object, a ribbon set are all segmented to make the preparation of an ad way more manageable. The streams of input could be taken from sales cloud data pretty easily, whether to choose the mail list from a segmented demographic data or to create special offers for different categories by parameter.

Once a template is chosen and the fields are updated, they show up in both marketing cloud and community cloud and enable both updating and editing of several layers from within the platform itself. Thus the template format is integrated as objects in the marketing as well as the community platform for quick access and quick editing.

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Work Done

salesforce lightning component integration
salesforce lightning component integration
salesforce lightning component integration


  • Marketing ads are now segmented, field-based templates treated as objects
  • Fields in the templates can take input stream easily from the CRM platforms of salesforce
  • Customizable templates that are no longer static
  • From scratch to mid-level takes less time( to a finished product)
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