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With offices in Oakland and Brooklyn and delivery teams spread out over America, Europe, and Asia, Kunai’s client base primarily consists of BFSI companies.

The firm offers analytical CX, compliance, security operations, and ML modules to reduce errors and modernize compliance for financial bodies and institutions.

The establishment aims to enrich customer relationships, develop products to automate back offices.

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Challenges Faced

Prior to this, they had no dedicated service console or command center in their active system, Sedona, from which to orchestrate service operations. No unified platform for collaboration between the Sales and Service departments. Use was limited to viewing customer records individually and enabling payments.

They also had no dashboards to visualize insights to add value through service policies and enriched FPOC interactions. This brought them to us.

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Key Improvement for Client

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better ticket and escalation-handling
click single view of all interactions
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Support channel expansion

Proposed Solutions

Post a Rest API integration that used Dataloader to bring over important customer details with fidelity, the following implementations were undertaken:

For Performance Evaluation

Dashboard visualizations depicting conversion numbers as well as net revenue brought in by individual agents at different strata.

Visualizations covered Lead and Opportunity conversions and broke them down by age, conversion progress, and quality.

For Service Administration

Customized and Configured a cross-enterprise Service Cloud for agent ease, adoption, abstracted permissions, and service relevance.

A knowledge-base with distinct users and edit permissions was set up to help resolve cases faster by leveraging reference articles created using instructional design.

For Email Interactions, Follow-up automation

Enabled Case Record insertion in the Salesforce instance for every email received, which would later get distributed by the assignment rules set up.

Managed client interactions, campaigns, and feedback capture through mail outs of Custom surveys using Merge Fields.

Also. Workflow automation reduced and tracked case closure status.

Work Done


  • Support channel expansion through a versatile, force-multiplying Service Cloud.
  • Agent interaction hours, Ticket service times capped.
  • Better tracking for performance, case assignment, and case escalations.
  • A single view of all interactions
  • Better customer cycle with the service life-cycle at hand, elevating preparedness, ticket and escalation-handling, and promoter scores.
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Piyush Singhal

Piyush Singhal

Co-Founder, Director | HIC Global Soutions | Salesforce Consultant | AppExchange Strategist

An outcome-oriented technology leader with a global outlook, Piyush has over 8 years of experience in Project Execution, SDLC Planning, Salesforce, CRM, Salesforce Mobile, and Force.com. Piyush, a

seasoned Salesforce professional, started HIC Global Solutions in 2015 after filling senior development positions at front-running company names in the Salesforce development industry. He looks forward to challenging Salesforce development tasks, delivering novel apps for AppExchange listings, and forging global partnerships through working with the passionate people.

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