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A real estate investment firm commissioned across 50 states.

With sizable investment contributions and  94 combined years of experience, KAY Properties and Investments is an established national Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) investment firm with offices in Los Angeles, New York, and Washington DC.

After thorough diligence, they offer clientele the opportunity to participate in exclusive real estate investments besides those ordinarily available.

Salesforce google maps integration

Challenges Faced

Prior to integrating location functionalities through HIC Global Solutions, a unit of representatives would send out custom project proposals as part of its due diligence to registered investors of high net-worth. Each document was intended to serve up relevant and dynamic maps, pie charts, and images tailored for investor preferences and faster evaluation.


 As requirements went, maps with multiple location pins were a top priority. The firm needed proposals to display all relevant and available properties that fell within a region of interest. Notably, Conga documents don’t support maps with location pins, let alone multiple pins, making the proposals leave out a crucial feature altogether. 


Other visualizations like pie charts were hardcoded and designed by hand. Site Images too had to be hand-picked for the document to be pertinent. This felt counter-intuitive to the purpose of document generation – reducing manual processes and associated errors.


Besides this, the company also needed a separate master portfolio to showcase all properties in a progression determined by the company’s consultants. For better prospect engagement, a quantity of 2 images per page was felt desirable, but like the property maps, lacked support.

Key Improvement for Client

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Reduction in proposal generation TAT
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Time off investor counseling through interest containment
0 %
Jump in agent conversion numbers (for consultations)23

The Solutions:

Single Click Google Map URL and Record Generation  

Primarily, KAY P&I turned to HIC Global Solutions for incorporating property maps with multiple, accurate location pins to its presentations. For this, we needed to integrate Google Maps to the records in KAY P&I’s Salesforce Platform instance.

On closer inspection of KAY P&I’s sample presentations, HiC’s crew identified
Custom fields that need to be written to account objects for customers. These handled map URLs from Google Maps.

Then, VF pages would generate Image URLs and the ppt template through a single button click (Else, they’d have to separately generate a URL, save it to the accounts records and then generate the ppt as isolated processes). This would bring down proposal generation TATs and human errors to a fraction of their earlier hand-picked visualizations and images. Not to mention, the number of paid hits to generate maps would fall too.

Finally, a Conga composer integration retrieved info from Salesforce records for generating the Powerpoints repeatably.

HIC Global Solutions Illustrators


  • Accurate depictions through Google Maps stored within records
  • Merged dynamic data into a Powerpoint template, achieved accurate recommendations
  • Dynamic and pie charts for visualization through configurable templates
  • Data retrieval from disparate objects like pie charts and property locations onto a single page to get shorter document length.
  • Single-click proposal creation for timely operations and delivery of decision-critical data.
  • Investor effort saved by containment of interest to most pertinent options
HIC Global Solutions illustrators
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