About HouseflippinHQ:

House Flipping FQ is a house flipping company based in California, USA. It helps its clients to learn how to flip houses the smart, consistent, and automated way at House Flipping HQ, led by their real estate team.

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About Twilio

Twilio is a cloud communication platform that, when integrated with Salesforce, allows the communication through various channels. The Twilio for Salesforce lets you easily send and receive text messages from Salesforce, get notified on every change through SMS, build relationship with the users and extend the functionalities of Salesforce.

Integrating Twilio into Salesforce

  • House Flipping HQ with HIC streamlines the users’ experience and improve their efficiency by integrating Twilio SMS into Salesforce. Twilio offered an easy-to-use API and SMS coverage toward rapid development. The quick notifications has built a better workflow and increased the ease of functionalities.

  • Now, as soon as the user opens Salesforce and creates any leads, a Customized SMS is sent to the number given instantly.

  • When the owner of any lead is changed, a Customized SMS is sent to the number given instantly.

The Challenges:

  • With many clients under their tree, they needed their team to be efficient and enhance the features of Salesforce and get notified with the changes increasing their productivity and build an effective workflow.

The Solution:

Text messages help you in being continuously notified with the each functionality of the Salesforce eliminating the chances of errors and keeping you updated with the latest changes.

Twilio for Salesforce works out-of-the-box with the Salesforce data. It allows a communication channel increases your workflow by instantly notifying you with the changing through messaging.

This programmable API supplements the functionality of Salesforce and increases the efficiency

Constantly being updated with the latest changes and new leads exponentially decreases the errors.

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The Result:

  • The engagement with the user is increased by 67% due to the given communication channels.
  • Once integrated, the workflow is enahanced and automated and sends a Customsid SMSto the user when someone creates a new lead or change its owner.
  • The automated and instant and instant SMS notifications has simplified the process and eliminated the data redundancy and errors rapidly.
  • With instant SMSs on the changed the user stays updated on the latest changes and valuable time is saved.
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