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Based Out Of Sacramento, throughout California, Nevada and the Wests, David Allen A&A help injured recover fair compensation from insurance companies against accidental injuries for the past 4 decades.

Their wins include a majority of the social security disability cases that come their way.

Davis Allen A&A’s consulting advice spans claims for Social Security, Long Term Disability Insurance, and claims against a broad variety of life-altering incidents.

Salesforce for Healthcare industry

Challenges Faced

To start with, on submission of case documents, the firm would apprise the patient’s situation. They would then review the initial settlement in the client’s insurance claim. Further down, they would also assess the future impact of the accident like the loss in earnings, mental trauma, and compounding injuries to arrive at more adequate figures to cover the full extent of the damage.

Next, expert help from private investigators, forensic experts, and medical professionals may be involved to collect evidence, reconstruct events, file paperwork and claims.

They needed a single convenient landing page to display all patient Records as Leads, insert and remove patients, display conversion status, exchange forms, and administer follow-ups like mailing through action buttons.

Key Improvement for Client

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Fall in Case Follow-up Times
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Improvement in EOI conversion numbers through prompt interactions
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Reported maximum decrease in due diligence TAT

The Solutions:

At the agent end, a multitude of force-multiplying functionalities was brought within reach. First of these was a single URL accessible page with a master list of patient Leads. The page, meant as a mainstay for operations, was supported by multirole action buttons that condensed access to a variety of capabilities.

These included patient call, email composition, besides Lead creation and an eligibiltyquestionnaire(both of which employed custom fields and validations).

On the customer side of things, a Service page as well as an Inquiry Capture page was created to record in Leads and Cases.

For consistency, a repeatable UI Component incorporated enterprise headers and footers.

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Work Done

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  • An overall reduction in case processing times resulting from a fall in the time taken by follow-ups and eligibility checks.
  • Accurate, usable capture of Lead details upon creation.
  • Buttons and master list accelerated Lead access and related actions by eliminating tab trails.
  • A reported increase in case-handling productivity of agents
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