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Field Service Lightning is Salesforce’s field service management. Until its release, Salesforce had no owned app to relay customer record information directly to service people in the field. Noticing this gap, Salesforce launched Field Service Lightning software. As the company believes in the merit in connecting the entire workforce through one platform and make it more end-to-end.

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About Company: Eco Green Air Duct Cleaning

Eco Green Air Duct Cleaning is one of the best cleaning companies in South-East Florida improving your indoor air quality or preventing a dryer fire, ready to help you get the job done at affordable prices. Offering a broad range of air duct cleaning, video inspection, and dryer vent cleaning services designed to make your home or business a happier and healthier place to be.

The Problem:

Eco Green Air Duct Cleaning focuses on providing service like air duct cleaning, video inspection, and dryer vent cleaning selected by the customer. A service request is generated by the customer through its website leaving a gap between their queries on the website and the field technicians that executes the tasks.

Also, they were not able to achieve their goals like high scheduling optimization, assignment of service appointments based on resource rating, scheduling of appointment based on weather conditions suitable for the work type.

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The Solution:

The Eco Green Air Duct Cleaning works on Salesforce and connects the customer to generate service requests through their website. They utilize Field Service Lightning to automate the process of scheduling and optimizing the service appointments assigned to their resources in addition to creating work orders, service appointments, smart scheduling and more.

The Field Service Lightening helped the team in increasing it resource utilization and customer service experience.

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The Features:

Now, as to what Field Service Lightning can actually do for you, there are certain tasks it accomplishes.  

Appointments and work orders can be created from within Salesforce. Work orders are integrated with Accounts, Contacts, Assets, and other objects so you can pull in data across Salesforce.

Track customer assets and setup automated service scheduled based on customer asset information.

Creating smart scheduling help increase field workforce optimization assigning appointments to technicians based on location, skills, proximity and other rules.

Dispatcher Console is from where the dispatchers work assigning work orders, track and monitor service delivery in real time.


The Salesforce Field Service Lightning service enabled the Eco Green Air Duct Cleaning to optimize the service appointment scheduling with much more efficient resource utilization making a way for better customer experience, deliver speedy and efficient on-site service and provide end-to-end customer lifecycle management solutions.

  • With Field Service Lightning service, we can make our field services more proactive, helping us to better understand our customers’ needs.
  • With Field Service Lightning service, our technicians spend more time serving the customer then managing the system.
  • The Field Service Lightning service resolves field service calls faster, automate appointment scheduling and agents, dispatchers, and techs.
  • Boost employee productivity in the field and gets real-time visibility into all operations Optimize mobile workforce allocation and keep customers updated at every step.
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