About Salesforce:

Salesforce is one of the largest CRM solutions in the market. It is a leading enterprise customer relationship manager (CRM) application on compatible on multiple devices and has robust app marketplace. Salesforce aligns your marketing and sales departments with better sales leads and quality pipelines.

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About ActiveCampaign:

ActiveCampaign is a powerful all-in-one marketing tool with extensive functionality such as email marketing, sales and CRM. It is an easy-to-use marketing automation and sales CRM for small, medium and larger enterprises. Its email marketing tool features beautiful templates helping in creating interactive emails that keep the user engaged and subscribed.

 It is a flexible automation tool that can be integrated with over 700 apps and services from accounting to CMS or analytics to marketing. ActiveCampaign is basically a cloud email marketing automation solution that helps businesses achieve better results with fewer emails.

About Better Recyclers of America:

Better Recyclers of America provides environmental expertise and convenient disposal by expert recycling and transportation solutions for your lead-acid batteries. No matter what type of recycling job is needed, Battery Recyclers of America provides convenient and safe solutions to dispose of your spent batteries.

For years, their experience has guided them in managing disposals for clients in all 50 U.S. states. Pick-ups are available 24/7 – all day and every day to recycle batteries in full truckload as well as LTL quantities. With transportation solutions available across the country, Battery Recyclers of America can accommodate all situations and load sizes. Their model’s cornerstone is their ability to pay their clients for their spent batteries while offering convenience and safety. They also provide detailed documentation to help manage the risk and liability associated with battery recycling.

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Key Improvement for Client:

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visibility into all customer actions and marketing activities.
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Accurate and Real-Time Synchronization of data at all instances.
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Saves times with automating the syncing process and streamlining the workflow.
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The Problem:

As environmental awareness is speeding up every day, the leads at Battery Recyclers of America have increased exponentially. They needed to streamline their processes and automate their targeted bulk email marketing tools.

The Solutions:

Salesforce and ActiveCampaign Integration - Make your cloud apps work together

Experience full marketing automation with Salesforce and ActiveCampaign Integration. Salesforce and ActiveCampaign Integration allows you to manage your leads and opportunities in Salesforce with the full power of ActiveCampaign that market to those contacts. When a lead is added into the lists, Salesforce takes care of the CRM needs while ActiveCampaign handles everything else, from collecting new contact details, to qualifying leads, to nurturing those leads. The contacts are saved in both applications and are continuously updated.

This automation revolution helps in giving every single customer, a truly unique experience, improves email marketing and provides a clear view into marketing activity. While individual apps capabilities remain undisputed, Salesforce and ActiveCampaign Integration keeps a seamless sync between the two applications.

The Features:

  • Accurate and Real-Time Synchronization of data at all instances without any inconsistency or redundancies.
  • 100% visibility into all customer actions and marketing activities.
  • Saves times with automating the syncing process and streamlining the workflow.
  • Provide your sales team real-time insights into what actions your leads and contacts are taking across your website, email activity, downloads, form submissions, or any other meaningful behaviors.
  • Allows your sales reps to have direct communication with the customer by sending approved emails or by adding them to a nurture series directly from within the Salesforce.
  • Custom reports and dashboards on marketing activities using both applications data and analyze the highest impacting campaigns.
  • Enables the team to have access to the updated customer information.
  • Automated notification to the assigned sales rep for any changes in the lead.


  • All-time Bi-Directional Syncing
  • No more inaccurate or missing data.
  • Manual record or lead submission has been eliminated.
  • Unified data of all the customers in one place.
  • Real-Time performance analysis via Custom reports and dashboards.
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