Salesforce for brick and mortar SPAs and Therapies

  • Understand the Spa and Therapy business with a panoramic view of each customer, connecting through your Salesforce dynamic application. Accelerating acquisition, enrolment, service, data management, automation and innovation - so your team can focus on more important tasks.
  • Optimized to handle your businesses unique and vigorous needs, Salesforce for brick and mortar SPAs and Therapies helps Spas and Therapy companies to collaborate with your platform helping you get new products into the market faster, turn your valuable data into the actionable insights and revolutionize your user base.
  • Traditionally, people used to go to physical stores for spa and therapy. With the change in the digital landscape, these people are looking for the best spa and therapy clinics online making your website a dominant channel, with more and more businesses registered digitally.
  • This evolution from brick-and-mortar retail to digital commerce has enormous implications for businesses trying to keep up with people’s changing preferences. This investment in bringing every spa and therapy clinic from every corner of the city to one platform has a tremendous upside. As the shift to digital provides opportunities for customers to get better options and services.

Key Improvement of Customers

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Increase in efficiency and productivity
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per day closure rate
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Streamlines workflows

See how the world’s smartest CRM is transforming brick-and-mortar retail to digital commerce

Empower the team to give customers a personalized service as per their requirements. Deliver the best possible experiences before, during, and after spa and therapy by unifying every interaction on a single connected platform.

Salesforce for brick and mortar SPAs and Therapies help you gain greater insights and build enduring relationships with the customer to deliver better services.

Simplifies how small businesses access spa and therapy platform. Connect to these businesses with a single engagement platform that helps them access the right services quickly while driving desired results.

Connect to the customer becomes easy when all the data is centralized and available in one sheet. Improves sales insights, shortens cycle times, accelerates invoicing and reduces paperwork.

The direct access to all the records and information helps the team to give instant access to all relevant customer information automating their workflows. 

The integration of everything on a single platform allows us with consolidated data. The solution’s real-time reporting and business intelligence capability helps the team access rich insights around customer and support service trends, and drive strategic decision-making.

The teams are able to refine their decision-making as information, data and analyses become more precise and more quickly available.

Real-time synchronization:

  • Complete information on individual businesses at a single platform.
  • The per day closure rate has been increased by 21%.
  • Making reliable decisions for spa and therapy with the help of the entire information available on a single central hub.
  • Increases team efficiency and productivity b 60%.
  • Streamlines workflows and eliminates data redundancy and manual errors by 100%.
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