Tailor-made CRM for the automotive industry

In today’s world of brand and communication when everything is just a phone call away, automotive industries are also keeping up with the high brand expectations by offering a seamless journey for the customer shopping experience.

Incorporating Salesforce automation and innovation, Automotive Salesforce CRM not only increases the productivity and efficiency of the team with real-time information but also accelerates the growth and potential of the business. Offering a 360-degree view on the prospective client, it helps in customer interaction at every touchpoint leading to creating personalized journeys for every customer. With the increased customer engagement and customer loyalty, Automotive Salesforce CRMs helps in customer conversion with its lead management and streamlined workflows.

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About Own Capital

Based out in Missouri, United States, OwnCapital is a popular Auto portal that strives to revolutionize the process of buying and selling pre-owned cars with its disruptive solutions. Helping customers with the research, finance, insurance and car value, Owncapital offers hassle-free services to its customers empowering its customer with the simple car selling and buying experience.

Key Improvement for Client

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Jump in Conversion Rate
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Faster closing times on average owed to centralization and insights on-hand
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Reduction in sales cycle through faster closings, Lead handling, Follow ups

The Problem:

In the automotive industry, most of the times when the car shoppers visit your store, they have already finalized a car and are on the way to buy it. They are at the end of their shopping experience rather than the beginning. At that time, it is critical to understand their needs and steer them towards the best car as per their requirements. Building up loyalty that can last a lifetime and providing the best shopping experience are two of the most important and crucial things to take care of.

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The Solutions:

Automotive Salesforce CRM is one-stop-shop for pre-owned cars shopping. Offering innovative workflows in all spaces of business such as sales, marketing, analysis, lead management, operation and more, it gives the best results, save time, decreases efforts and close more deals than ever.

Enabling you to track the leads, enforcing your sales process and measuring your team’s effectiveness, it reduces the sales cycle of information gathering and processing leading to immediate actions. With HIC Global Solution’s Salesforce Customization and Integration Service, Automotive Salesforce CRM integrates all of your sales processes into one solution and automates them maximizing the team’s potential. 

The Features:

  • Customized Salesforce such that each account, that is a car, has all the previous and current contacts, that is customer, against it; keeping a record of all the drivers with their documentations.
  • Integration with five9 dialler that supports call resolution with all the important customer details such as customer's purchase history enabling the customer care executive to predict the issues that the customer might be calling about and help them better and quicker.
  • Multiple agents to put a remark or a comment against each contact creating a Contact List.
  • The Contact list has a Filter ‘Rank’ and ‘Priority’ created for each contact on the daily basis. These filters set up a criteria on which the calls are scheduled for each contact.
  • Rank is calculated according to the batch class which is created through custom coding.

Work Done

Salesforce Automation
Salesforce automation
Salesforce automation
Salesforce automation
Salesforce automation
Salesforce automation
Salesforce automation


  • Increased Conversion Rate with better Customer engagement.
  • Connect, Serve and Engage with the shoppers better.
  • Gain Strategic insights and boost productivity.
  • Ensure Customer Loyalty by directly communicating with them.
  • Deliver Exceptional Customer Experience with all information at hand.
  • Smart Reports, Accurate Data Analysis and Easy to understand graphical representation.
  • Better Customer Insights with all the customer details, history, transactional details, and personal choices saved at one place.
  • Small Sales Cycle with proper lead management and follow ups.
  • Centralized Database of inquiries, clients and product information at a single place.
  • Keeping up with the Appointments with alerts and scheduling.
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