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Any business runs through the leads that its sales team generated. As difficult this process is, the worst part is dropping those quality leads accidently, forgetting to follow up, losing it within the databases or having improper details on it. This is why any company needs a good Lead Management Software that converts good leads into opportunities.

Lead Management by Custom Fields helps your marketing and sales department work together. Their effective teamwork in building and driving sales pipeline on a single platform brings out the business on the top converting the leads from prospects to opportunities with speed and proficiency.

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About Orbis Mortgage Group

Orbis Mortgage Group is Canada’s premiere mortgage agency that provides access to hundreds of lending institutions across Canada including big banks, credit unions, trust companies and private lenders. Their licensed team of mortgage professionals assists with the financing needs and gives their expert advice. Their agents work for the customer and not a bank and therefore provides the best service, rate and products available on the market.

Lead management custom field

Key Improvement for Client:

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Increase in conversion rates of the leads to the opportunities
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Increased in workflow
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Refined the leads from the salesforce increased the efficiency of the team
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The Solution:

While striving to improve the sales pipeline and managing the recurring leads coming in the way Orbis Mortgage Group needed to go beyond regular monitoring of sales efficiency and creating numerous pipeline dashboards. A seamless workflow is created to streamline the process of generating leads by the sales rep, manage them and convert them into opportunities.

Lead Management by Custom Fields bridges the gap between sales and marketing team, effectively managing, filtering, qualifying and nurturing the leads and closing them to get the business on board.

The Features:

  • Empowers sales and marketing team to work together, the leads are prioritized and qualified quickly maximizing the return on investment.
  • Grows the business by tracking all the marketing channels and analyzing the ones impacting the business growth most.
  • Increase the work flexibility by assigning the right leads to the right people.
  • Most leads aren’t buyers – the Lead Management by Custom Fields removes such leads from the hot prospects eliminating innumerable dead ends and saving time.
  • Leads analysis helps in getting most returns from the limited sources and convert more opportunities from the leads.
  • Shows the impact of the marketing activities on your sales pipeline directly helping us in focusing and investing time on the priority leads.
  • The custom fields help in adapting to the data collection as per the requirements of the industry.
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  • The conversion rates of the leads to the opportunities has been increased by 70%
  • All the leads from multiple channels are centralized on one platform offering complete transparency.
  • The control of processes has reduced the operational risks
  • The workflow has been scaled to 40%.
  • The ROI after lead generating activates helped in gather which marketing channel works or not.
  • The leads are properly managed, organized and assigned.
  • Refining the leads from the sales force increased the efficiency of the team by 80%
  • The duplicate lead records are completely eliminated.
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