Customer Service is an integral part of any Sales Process. The number of email or texts, proposals or presentations sent are not as efficient as the traditional, time tested one on one phone calls.

Salesforce is the most used CRM in the world’s big, medium and small enterprise businesses for its advanced lead managements and critical analytical dashboards and reports. The latest developments with ‘Computer Telephony Integration’ with Salesforce not only allows you to make phone calls to the customers seamlessly but allows you to track your leads and call them from a single platform, Salesforce.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is basically an integration of your phone calls with your CRM. Technically, the two systems with a different process of tracking, analyzing and recording and making phone calls are integrated into one system seamlessly.

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About Concert Health:

Concert Health helps the physician practices deliver integrated behavioral health services to their patients, including care management, brief therapy interventions, and psychiatric consultations. They provide specialist clinicians (therapists & psychiatrists), know-how, and technology infrastructure to help the physician practices deliver high-quality, evidence-based behavioral health care and take advantage of Medicare’s new Collaborative Care Management (CoCM) reimbursement opportunities.

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Key Improvement for Client

0 %
Upshot in average of customers handled per agent
Fold increase in customer retention
0 %
Fall in repeat calls due to a 28% rise in FPOC call resolutions

The Problem:

Working is a medical industry, it is significant for Concert Health Team to handle each patient effectively and proactively and offer personalized customer service to each. With one on one call being the only effective point of contact with the patients, the doctors need to have all the information on the patient instantly available to offer the right treatments on time.

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The Solutions:

“Computer Telephonic Integration with Salesforce ables us to recognize our customers and deliver a personalized service to each one of them.”

Computer Telephonic Integration with Salesforce is an accolade for the enterprise that relies on CRM and majorly deals with customer service. This integration of CRM and calling software becomes an integral part of the customer experience solution.

For the customer oriented industry, it is imperative for its customer support team to deliver exceptional customer service. Computer Telephonic Integration with Salesforce offers them with the up to date information in synch with the call allowing them to provide the best solution there is to its customer. This integration offers complete transparency and 360-degree view on the customer with its previous and current reports making it easier to provide quicker, meticulous and positive customer service experience.

 It eliminates the need to hunt for the customer information (call history, ticket status, personal information on the caller, chat history and account status) and displays everything in a single view. With effective Computer Telephonic Integration with Salesforce in place, whenever a customer calls the customer service, the sales rep gets all the needed information on the customer instantly, helping in closing the inquiry in the first call itself, building trust and rapport.

The Features:

  • All the incoming and outgoing calls are logged in and stored with notes on the conversation, call duration and details on the callers helping in quality assurances.
  • Screen pops ups with the information and cases on the caller are displayed to the agents.
  • Identifies and routes the calls to the concerned person eliminating the middle party completely.
  • Lets you make the calls from the Salesforce itself reducing time and efforts.
  • Improved lead conversion with more information on the leads on a click of a button that helps in tailoring the conversations to the prospects, helping in converting more sales opportunities.
  • Salesforce dashboards helps in tracking performance indicators like calls made, average call duration, meetings booked, average handle time, first-call resolution, dropped call percentages and opportunities created helping the manager in the performance review.
  • A streamlined process to generate invoices as per the call duration with the agent.
  • All the information on the customer helps in providing meticulous solutions reducing the call handles time as while improving customer satisfaction.
  • Notification on the missed calls are displayed with the timestamps.

Work Done

Computer telephonic integration with salesforce
Computer telephonic integration with salesforce
Computer telephonic integration with salesforce
Computer telephonic integration with salesforce


  • The team’s efficiency has been improved by 40% as one agent can accommodate several callers with all the information in hand.
  • The first call resolutions are increased by 28% leading to a 57% reduction in the repeat calls.
  • Personalized and meticulous customer service experience has increased customer retention by 96%.
  • The automated streamlined process of saving everything eliminates any instances of human error.
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