How to find the distance between two ZIP codes using Google API?

Understanding customers and running a smooth business are two of the major specialties of Salesforce. When the sales and marketing team faced challenges in assigning territories, finding nearby prospects, campaigning on a particular location and more such geolocation activities, Salesforce unlocked a whole new way into this world of navigation.

Winter 19 introduced many components including lightning:map which is very useful for developers. Before lightning:map, the developers needed Google API key and lots of script to show address on the Google Map. The lightning:map component displays a map of one or more locations using Google Maps securely.

This component requires API version 44.0, making it easy to display the user location in the UI. There is no need to use external JavaScript libraries anymore. Developers can use markers in the component to define location on the map wherein the marker could be a pair of coordinates (latitude and longitudes), or a set of address elements such as Street, City, State, Country or Postal Code.

Steps involved in the overall Setup:

  • API setup on Google G-suite account
  • Develop Apex classes
  • Develop Lightning Component


  • We need to have Google Developer account where we will be creating a Project.
  • We need to have Places API enabled.
  • The API documentation to setup the API on Google is – API documentation

For Live Demo Click Here

Step 1- Create Apex Wrapper Class

Step 2- Create an Apex Class Controller:

Step 3 – Create Lightning Component

Step 4 – JS Controller

Step 5- lightning App


Above is the implementation of the lightning component enabling us to find the distance between two zip codes using Google API. We have used wrapper classes to send data to the map component. The location wrapper is used to store the address while the address wrapper is used to provide marker specific details.

If you need further assistance or have any queries to make your Salesforce classic apps compatible with lightning experience, please feel free reach out.

Happy Learning!