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IERF is a pioneering international student credential evaluation agency involved in educational research and application processing.

As a founding member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES®), the recognizing entity for credential evaluation services in the United States, its expertise is sought after for consultations.

The establishment has over 5 decades of extensive experience behind it with over half a million processed applications to date.

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Challenges Faced

As an organization driven by a small team of roughly 16 qualified personnel in the higher educational landscape, the applicant advisor ratio was stretched thin. Coordinating over 10000 applications a month was quite an undertaking.

Staffers had to match a candidate’s preferred major to universities aligning with their profile and eligibility. Then, universities were coordinated with and applied to on behalf of applicants. Deliberations would later culminate in a review of options with a counselor.

Naturally, the human effort of 2 hours per applicant screening didn’t scale well and was a source of stress.

Key Improvement for Client

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Fall in student counselling TAT( for matched institutions)
0 %
Reported jump in application process satisfaction
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Rise in engagement and response

The Solutions:

Central to IERF’s requirements was the creation of Workflow rules created for case-based email templates and alerts.

As soon as contact leads were inserted or updated, triggered by specific field conditions (such as ‘Qualified’), email alerts would go off after decided time intervals once a Contact( or Lead) addition took effect.

These emails would manage records of applicants reminders and relevant engagements such as option availability, consultation schedules, eligibility, updates on application proceedings and other next steps.

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  • A 9% Increase in Y-o-Y revenue shares from consultation
  • An uptick in applicant trust and confidence in evaluation.
  • Drove down counseling advisor effort
  • Reduced time for student advice and counseling sessions down from a few a hours to 17-minute average
  • Follow-up success climbed by 18%
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