About Company

Meta 1 is a recent, private investment firm with trade and exchanges in cryptocurrencies, with sovereign bank charters in a plurality of jurisdictions for unimpeded transactions.

Using smart contracts for validation, Meta 1 combines consistently well-faring assets like precious metals and fine art bonds aimed at currency appreciation.

Besides this, the trust also hosts a full-cycle, trading platform with its own exchange and trading ecosystem.

Salesforce Implementation

Challenges Faced

Coming off a more rocky start, cryptocurrency, while maturing apace, is still considered a nascent field of investment by many market watchers.

Naturally, pioneering companies in this space such as Meta 1 Coin, seek to operate leaner and make the most of visitor data on their website and identify potential seed funders that may understand the value proposition they bring. For that, this early stage trust-bank-exchange-currency ecosystem needed to lower response and identification times for the types of visitors on its digital presence.

Prior to pursuing its enhancements, Meta 1 spent crucial agent hours, equivalent upwards of an 80 hour work week, tasked with manual segregation- a notoriously fault-prone and slow process.

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Key Improvement for Client

0 %
Fall in TAT measured for Lead processing
Jump in promoter score indicators for case resolution(measured against a 10 basis-point average)
0 %
Reported increase in engagement and response to inquiries

The Solutions:

Chiefly, we redesigned and streamlined the web to lead channels for newsletters, sales and service to map to appropriate Salesforce objects such that data was bifurcated automatically between campaigns, services, and contact tickets

Lead consolidation, Call logging, and integrations for emails, calls and real-time record manipulation were also manipulated for agent convenience and readiness.

This was apart from the live agent chat on site-HTML which saved reps from repetitive visitor FAQs.

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Work Done

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  • Time Savings through auto-segmentation of site visitors.
  • Judicial use of agent hours through chatbot FAQs and pre-segmented Leads.
  • Faster record access, manipulation, and creation.
  • A pivotal decrease in time for follow-up cycles helped reach more potential seed funders.
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