Taking Document Generation to the next level.

Sales is the integral part of any business, and providing its team with the best of the tools is a must need to enable them to give the best of their potentials. With streamlined processes and lucrative sales team, any business is bound to be successful.

Conga Composer is a document generation and reporting applications tool of Salesforce. Established in 2006, Conga Composer has helped many organizations worldwide utilize their data fully and has simplified the complex process of document generation like proposals, quotes, contracts, etc required in any sales cycle.

Making it easy to generate sophisticated documents on a click of a button, Conga Composer delivers a seamless document generation tool with Salesforce and Google Drive eliminating time-consuming manual processes.

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About AP Financial Solutions:

Based out in Sydney and founded in 2013, AP Financial Solutions is a financial services company that offers

  • Budgeting and Savings Solutions

    Mortgage Solutions

    Debt Management Solutions

    Investment Advice

    Superannuation Solutions

    Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF)

    Insurance and Family Protection

    Retirement and Estate Planning

Key Improvement for Client

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Decrease in reported content errors
Point rise in promoter score indicators out of a 10 basis point average
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Minutes shaved off the overall document creation cycle

The Problem:

In today’s world, the customer is empowered and plays a huge role in the sales process, therefore, they are critical in determining the success or failure of any sales organization. In a business of trust and personalized connections, every customer expects a swift and direct response from the organization; leading to massive time and efforts utilization of the team.

AP Financial Solutions customers weren’t able to track the progress of their financial services or had any swift documentation on it. The sales team needed a solution that could inform their customers on the process of the services and on which step they are on with the respective documents.

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The Solutions:

Integration of Conga Composer with Google Drive

  • Removing the process of manual document generation, utilizing the team’s time and depriving the document of any human error, the Conga Composer creates collaborative and data-driven documents, reports or presentations with its integration with Google Drive Docs, Sheets or Slides.
  • Using the API Integration service of HIC Global Solutions, this Integration of Conga Composer with Google Drive takes the document generation to the next level by using Salesforce data for the document generation and saving that document in the Google Drive of the customer. This integration expands the capabilities of document generation by offering real-time document collaboration and editing capabilities in Google Drive to its users.
  • Automatically delivering generated documents, status reports or any personalized file to the cloud and offering better experiences to the customer, this integration helps the organization to run efficiently while saving their time. This integration allows us to 1. Create any Google Docs, Google Sheets or Google Slides. 2. Store any file on the Google drive automatically. 3. Create templates in Google Drive.

The Features:

  • Robust integration with Google Drive.
  • Pre-Defined and customized templates eliminating manual errors.
  • Improved HTML E-Mail Capabilities
  • Redefined UI for better user experience.
  • Different versions of templates can be pre-defining against brand consistency.
  • Offers a central repository with a copy of the document saved in the Salesforce for better visibility to the sales team.
  • Streamlines your sales flow with minimal human intervention in document generation.
  • Automatic E-Signature option is available.

Work Done

salesforce document generation
salesforce document generation
salesforce document generation


  • An automated document generation process.
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Cost & time effective.
  • Zero inconsistency in document formatting or branding.
  • Eliminate manual error completely.
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