8 Benefits Of Getting Certified At Dreamforce 19

1) At half the price, it’s already a bargain

Right about now, Salesforce creds are white-hot. 3.3-million-jobs-by-2020-hot.

To start with,  certifications come with immediate and measurable benefits. Besides better assignments and pay, they bring recognition and a jump on networking.

Further, once-a-year prices increase the attendees that fly-in to certify. The event turns out also gains from this. A win-win

2) Pre-Conference boot-camps and HOTs: The absolute best at your disposal

Probably, the most compelling part of the deal.

For certification hopefuls, experts on-hand make Dreamforce 19 the place to be.

You could use the opportunity to finally sail through harder parts of the coursework. Boot-camps on offer feature 8 learning tracks. Although, you’ll need to be prompt to get in though-they tend to fill up fast.

Next, hands-on-workshops (H.O.W.s) can help you feel more intuitively about the code you write. Then, only if you’re feeling the content, there’re certification openings on each day forward.

3) Get stuck a lot? You’ll be in good hands

Can’t stop? Don’t stop!

Get certification tips from the best in the business. Also, an understanding of areas of potential overlap can giveaway any ”FAQ’s or ‘greatest hits’.

That’s all the help you need to take off those training wheels. This is to say nothing of Trailhead’s ‘ask-experts’ section – where talk is jargon-free.

4) Sittings will help serial procrastinators keep pace

Procrastination is just self-harm to cope with negative mental associations of a task.

The change of place and new streaks can help you focus on staying on track. What’s more, you’ll be surrounded by folks just like you. 

In any case, jumping in the deep end could be good for you. At least you’ll come away with better impressions of the platform’s nuances.

5) Let off steam- Seance through a picturesque expanse

At nearly 40 restaurants per 10000 households, you’ll kick yourself if you don’t pig out around San Francisco. We won’t dwell on this further. 

And Seeing that Dreamfest is close on the heels of Trailhead, it’ll be harder NOT to unwind.

Then again, you could always listen to world leaders in attendance once you feel the urge to sober up.

6) See how you stack up to Trailblazers from around the world

While at the academy, you’ll soak up diversity, collaboration, and achievement all around. You could, for instance, compare and exchange notes after any sessions that seem more involved.

 Even more, get to size up the competition assess yourself against the extent of the Salesforce ecosystem. F

7) You’re amongst Ohana! Forge a study group… or an alliance.

The thing about user-groups is that they let you meet new people from another part of the world. They make you look beyond just skill sets, beyond certifications.

Straightaway, you’ll be network early and make real connect at the best possible venue.

Afterward, if you’re lucky, you could find excellent company to frequent the event the next time around.

8) Treat Yo-self … to the Dreamforce kick-off

That’s right, all exam sessions end before the main event. It translates to 4 days to take in the Salesforce ecosystem and San Fran. Isn’t that something?

Trailblazers certifying through the event receive fancy merch to sweeten the deal. And later, an all-exclusive party for the boot campers. (Which will undoubtedly be the highlight for campers once the sun sets over Moscone).

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