Dreamforce 19 sessions where Partners and Rookies should sit-in

With barely days to go, it couldn’t be worse if you haven’t decided on sessions yet. Either way, big-ticket keynotes, and sessions can be a surefire way to throw yourself into the ecosystem.  

Then again, you’ll still be first-in-line to listen-in on how Trailblazers propel their enterprises forward. It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for a time more connected than ever.

So we give you our pick of sessions for the Salesforce freshman. They’re a mix of ‘partners-only’  Circles Of Success events and open sessions.

Social Debt and Human Issues

  • Unleashing the power of technology and collaboration for human rights & peace

Be part of a session to look at the tools propagating social change. Above all, you’ll see how tech enables rights champions to identify bad actors.

Wealth Trends and Global Landscapes

  • Global Trends in Wealth Management

This discussion focuses on growth and high-net-worth personas in the Asia Pacific. 

Overall, you’ll come away with better financial goals for trends in these regions.

  • *Going Global: Take Your Business Outside the U.S.

Specifically for OEM partners looking to expand their operations beyond the US.

The session goes over what works for specific regions and industries.

  • International Advancement Insights

A European perspective on lifetime student engagement and fundraising trends.

For one thing, this should be interesting to hear against the backdrop of GDPR.

  • The 3 Hottest Small and Medium Business Trends in 2019

Get insights and emergent trends to take with you from a large survey on SMB owners. 

Even more, learn from their experiences. Make their key findings your own.

  • *Global Roadmap Development: Balancing Your Business Priorities

It’s the place to be if you’re an ISV partner. 

What’s more, discussion points include trade-offs, contending interests, and demography.

  • * New ISV Partnership Models: Solve Technology Gaps and Fend Off Competition

From time to time, ISVs come together to boost offerings. This offsets any chinks in their offerings identified by increased customer bases.

This partner-only discussion explores opportunities and new partnership models for ISVs.

Looking Glass into the Future

  • Is 5G the future?

Without a doubt, the rollout of 5G is the most hotly anticipated advancement. Comparatively, the promise of bringing 5G to business is as immense as the infrastructural shift it needs.

Hear from industry specialists on what telecom operators and governments need to do. Safe adoption and managing any domino effects are a priority.

  • Future of Work: Unlocking Human Potential

Get in on practicable ideas to steer through more augmentative, yet human-centric automation.

As sessions go, this one unquestionably adds value to your approach.

Digital Transformation

  • Digital Transformation Preparation for Higher Education Institutions

Dropout rates are through the roof. At the same time, underfunded schools could find it impossible to catch up to their digitally-enabled counterparts.

This session points you towards the next-steps for envisioning transformation.

  • Customer Transformation Framework: Disciplines Needed for Transformation

Ignite lets you in on what works when transforming for Industry 4.0.

Also, learn from equally important customer stories and tooling that let you self-evaluate.

Of Practicalities

  • 3 Ways to Prepare Your Customer Service Team for Mega-Growth

The discussion guides booming smaller businesses that have their hands full.

In addition,  learn how to use the Service Cloud for airtight service automation.

  • *Using CSAT to improve your service delivery

This partner-only discussion dwells over findings from the ‘Partner Project CSAT Survey’.

Organizations can use takeaways to build-out engagement channels by building inferential capabilities to understand CSAT from previous interactions.

  • *Accelerate Adoption with Effective End-User Training

During this session, you’ll learn to create a successful profile-based training framework with attention to workforce empowerment.

Connectedness and Community

  • The Connected Enterprise for the Digital Customer

Hear from enterprises on how to transform customer journeys and satisfy rising engagement standards. In any case, you could use this to cultivate repeat customers.

  • * Empower Your Customers with Self-Service Communities

Understand how self-help resource centers feature in today’s connected experiences prior to creating your own. Also, look at ways to tap into your own knowledge base for them.

  • Wharton’s Salesforce Journey: Not Just Marketing & IT, a School-wide Strategy

Draw from the Wharton School’s tremendous change management experience of transitioning to Salesforce. Further, take in their know-how on program supervision and data administration.

First Steps

  • Using Salesforce is Common Sense

Follow a non-profit through an everyday decision journey and cloud usage that ultimately affects stakeholders.

  • *ISV Technologies for Beginners

Finally, this is an ISV partner-only roundtable on enablement technologies to proliferate apps.

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