About Founder Shield:

Founder Shield is a data-driven insurance brokerage that focuses exclusively on rapid evolving high growth companies.

Headquartered in NYC, Founder Shield aims to take the stress out of buying insurance for innovative venture-backed start-up companies.

Their mission is to take a broken and confusing experience and create the most seamless and informative insurance purchasing process available.

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Salesforce And Drawloop Integration:

The Salesforce and Drawloop integration simplifies document creation in Salesforce using the dynamic data available in the Salesforce.

This Document Generation is quickly and easily and uses Salesforce data to create opportunities quotes in PDF documents.

Also, it not only simplifies and enhances the document generation process but transforms the data-driven process and accelerates sales and business results while empowering the employees.

Drawloop for Salesforce:

Drawloop is a leading no-code document automation solution that instantly transforms data stored in Salesforce into compliant documents for the opportunities.

Drawloop lets you generate quotes of the opportunities in a PDF with a push of a button. It uses your dynamic content from the Salesforce and generates high impact PDF documents accelerating sales and business results by automatically creating
consistent, compliant and up-to-date documents.

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The Problem:

Founder Shield’s document generation process was slow, time taking, and manual as the teams had to manage and consult different forms for the data extraction and use macros for each document generation.

With Salesforce and Drawloop integration, a customized CRM for Founder Shield was created centered on Founder Shield’s operations and workflows.

The Solutions:

  • With Salesforce and Drawloop integration you can use Salesforce data to generate documents based on the records and can specify where and how output documents should be delivered.
  • Salesforce and Drawloop integration allows the information entered via a customization form to automatically flow into a preapproved Word or PDF template, which is then stored in Salesforce or other systems of record.
  • DDP is used to generate the document dynamically with different Salesforce record values. We can use multiple records in a single DDP documents by running Drawloop as a custom button or a custom links.


  • This process improvement drives efficient results and makes document generation quick, convenient and reliable. The results are accurate and predictable.
  • Effortlessly create and route documents: It eliminates the time, expenses, and risk of manual document creation.
  • Transform Salesforce data into compliant documents: Salesforce and Drawloop integration works behind the scenes to automatically populate word or PDF documents with the dynamic data records from Salesforce.
  • Use Dynamic Data for Document Generation: Use activate Salesforce data wherever you are with this integration by just keeping your Salesforce records updated and instantly capture the updated information to generate a document.
  • Automate document workflows: It automatically triggers workflows when there are changes in the Salesforce records and eliminates delays.
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