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With Salesforce we can stay close to our customers as we continue to grow our business. In the early days, it was just about the basic customer journey. Now, Salesforce and Shopify integration is taking e Commerce & CRM platform to new heights by simplifying and streamlining all the data.

Salesforce is the world’s #1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that has defined the ideal way as how to connect with customers. Building a meaningful and lasting bond with the customers, identifying their needs, address problems faster and deploy apps that are customer focused is all possible through Salesforce. Shopify, on the hand, provides an e-commerce solution that gives you the ability to generate and run your own online store.

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ISSIMI offers members a new collector experience. One built with customer service, trust, and transparency at its core. With over 60 years of combined experience in the specialty car market, ISSIMI’s team is dedicated to taking the opacity out of collecting cars. No more exorbitant fees, vehicles with unknown provenance, or painful transactions. Its primary focus is its members, they are driven by their needs and requests. Since specific cars can be hard to find, individual transactions complicated, and ongoing collection management time consuming, their suite of services smoothens the path for members to achieve their goals. They assemble a community of collectors and offer them with a new set of tools and services to make collecting simpler and more enjoyable.

The Challenges:

  • Based out in California, ISSIMI is in the people-flow business. With many premiere cars comes many important customers.
  • It is imperative of them to stay updated with the current status of their customers, cars and their availability.
  • The integration with Shopify for a storefront and all the past years data centralized and accessible in Salesforce.

The Solutions:

  • ISSIMI needed a unified view to create a unified customer experience and Salesforce Shopify integration provide them with it.
  • Shopify provides them with the marketplace to offer their premier cars for sale to their customers while Salesforce stores, tracks, manages and updates all the information related to cars and customers.
  • We synced customer data, automated the CRM actions and streamlined workflows enabling them to be faster to market, to deliver better experiences quicker, and to drive scale and consistency.
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  • A unified platform for both e-commerce and CRM data put a 360-degree view of a customer in real time.
  • A comprehensive view of your business, online sales, accounts, customer information from Shopify to Salesforce.
  • Get the consolidated data in Salesforce, and develop analytics that pumps up your profits.
  • Strengthen your marketing programs, customer service and support, and back-end operations by having a unified set of customer data available. Interactive design with the user interface at Salesforce end adding on effective data utilization.
  • Automate Sales order Integration, Invoice Data Flow, Trigger Payment reminder emails and Integrate your inventory with order fulfillment data.
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The Result:

  • The Shopify and Salesforce integration segments the marketing efforts as per the customer data and has increased the sales by 30%
  • Creating more targeted email marketing campaigns has increased customer spending by 20%.
  • Comprehensive analysis as per what the customer has bought or not or shown interest in with a consolidated data at one place.
  • Manual Errors, redundant data and contrasting the information has been removed completely.
  • The streamlined workflows, automated process and consolidated data has increased the productivity of the sales team by 60%.
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