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Leading web based CRM for home remodelers, replacement contractors, and home pros, improveit 360 is all about sales, marketing and business management. Designed to accelerate growth and efficiency, i360 helps in lead management, automates marketing and sales and shares insightful reports.

This business management platform is built to increase the organization’s growth exponentially by lowering costs, improving profits and managing e leads, sales, marketing, projects, scheduling appointments. Also, providing with the 360 view of the operation with complete transparency with automated quotation process, call center functionality and real-time reporting.

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About Company

The Zetts family has been in the home improvement business serving the Washington DC metro area for over 25 years. Starting off as J.P. Zetts Home Improvement, the family learned the value of providing excellent service to their customers. Because of their dedication to craftsmanship and excellent service, the business has steadily grown over the years.

In 2015, the family formed United Construction & Restoration, a full-service storm restoration company. The company operates with the highest level of commitment and service, ensuring the job is done properly the first time, every time. As a storm restoration company, they take the time to carefully review your home for interior and exterior damage caused by storm activity. They employ only licensed and experienced professionals that utilize the best quality materials to restore your home to pre-storm conditions.

United Construction & Restoration specializes in siding repairs, window replacement, roof repairs, and roof replacement services. The company is a member of the Better Business Bureau and certified by HAAG, GAF and Tamko to ensure the highest quality service. Their level of commitment is what separates us from the competition.

Key Improvement for Client

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Jump from previous Conversion rates translating to ~10 YOY growth

The Challenge:

As a storm restoration company, United Construction & Restoration receives multiple requests of home repair at once which needed to be addressed, acknowledged and resolved in the quickest time possible. Understanding the requirements of the customer, United Construction & Restoration needed their CRM to manage multiple appointments, with the project details on each appointment, a set calendar view to track each appointment, analytical dashboards for insightful reports and sales automation.

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The Solutions1:

improveit 360 is a business management software that helps grow business by reducing the day-to-day chaos and improving efficiency. With HIC Global Solutions Salesforce Customization Service, its integration with Salesforce offers scalability, customization, integration and potential unmatched with any other business management CRM.

Building a relationship with the customer and tracking and managing every step of it from taking requirements to appointment calls and scheduling sales to installation teams, it automates communications, increase conversions and manage projects. It’s business intelligence and analytical reporting tools aids to the personalized dashboard of each appointment. Purposely built for remodelers, replacement contractors, and home improvement companies it takes the business to heights from its lows.

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The Solutions2:

While setting the appointments for the storm affected houses, i360 with Salesforce proposes three propositions to its customers wherein,

Customer calls the United Construction & Restoration customer care and while setting an appointment, share the images of the affected areas for the project reports and quotation against it.

Customer sets an appointment with the customer care executive, wherein the team visits the site to evaluate the affected area and create a project report and quotation against it.

Customer sets an appointment to start with the restoration of the house with the finances to be taken care of later.

In all three propositions, the appointment call is either rejected, modified or accepted (which later converts to sale).

The Features:

  • Combining industries best practice, integration and support, i360 with Salesforce is the all in one tool for home remodelers, replacement contractors, and home pros
  • Automates businesses and saves time and efforts by eliminating repetitive task and manual tasks.
  • Manages lead by setting a calendar board view and tracking each appointment details for the entire week.
  • Fully efficient automated processes that tracks and manage sales, appointments, leads, marketing, projects and customer relationships.
  • Organized appointment calendar with a task list and email reminders to customers.
  • Transforming the business with real-time insights that help in making better-personalized decisions with real-time data from every corner of the database.
  • Grow from the bottom line and boost the business with the built-in tools and best industry practices.
  • An automated process to upload the multiple attachments for the pictures.

Work Done

Salesforce inetgration with i360
Salesforce inetgration with i360
Salesforce inetgration with i360
Salesforce inetgration with i360
Salesforce inetgration with i360
Salesforce inetgration with i360


  • Integration of i360 and Salesforce successfully saves time and efforts by automating the project detail process.
  • Track & manage every step of the customer relationship from the centralized lead database.
  • Increased conversion due to lead management, on time follow up and Real-Time appointment process.
  • Project management from contract to completion with task reminders, cross-team communication, multiple attachments and automated sales and marketing process.
  • Personalized customer engagement due to real time data on the customer at any point.
  • Enhanced customer interaction and faster customer service leading to growth in the business.
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