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Headquartered in the US, the UK, Australia, and South Africa, GeoSLAM deals in 3D geospatial technologies and solutions. In appreciation, most of these solutions are handheld.

Principally, SLAM or Simultaneous Localization and Mapping, a technology pioneered by the likes of Sebastian Thrun (Of Probabilistic Robotics and Udacity fame) and Deiter Fox ( Probabilistic Robotics and NVIDIA), uses temporal, sensory, and inertial data to simultaneously map and locate an object and its surroundings through iterative estimates.

Notably, the company promises fast and accurate 3D scans and point cloud generation, as well as GPS free operation in cramped and inaccessible spaces like tunnels, mines, and cliff-faces. Even more, it operates at the frontier of a cutting-edge domain changing rapidly with advances in sensors, algorithms, and approaches to SLAM.

In this paradigm, it leads engineering innovation from the very front and pushes the envelope with radical approaches to SLAM. Also, it’s home to world-renowned technology experts and intellectual property in the technology.

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Challenges Faced

Besides being at the nerve center of SLAM research, the company has an ever-growing clientele running the gamut, from government bodies to construction firms. Naturally, they’d need to manage leads from a large number of interested agencies and corporations.

Also , GeoSLAM’s offering include comprehensive progress monitoring in construction, real-time residential property survey, and commercial and industrial facilities.

Anticipatedly, this necessitates follow-ups and engagement on the interests of potential clients and service progress of existing ones. Apart from that, it entails documentation work and invoicing of those sales and services.

Key Improvement for Client

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Time shaved off Report creation through pre-filling processes
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Reduction in access times through centralization on the Service Cloud's console
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Reported increase in customer interest retention owed to faster discount approvals

The Solutions:

To repeat, the form-factor of the solutions delivered by the company lends itself to be handheld, or mounted on drones and poles to reach GPS blindspots. Further, the mainstay of the value GeoSLAM provides is the time and money saved in mapping and scanning an area.

Understandably, the foremost requirement was to set up a Service Cloud to resolve all tickets raised as well as requested services on the cloud itself.

In addition, a Conga Composer setup was implemented to generate documentation and invoices using custom and standard Salesforce objects.

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Sales order to record the details like price, quantity, invoice number, variant et cetera.

To reuse and populate data from a parent report (Account) into child reports (Contact Info, Opportunity) with just a button.

Used to drive Customer Engagement through by sending out case related mail.

To let customer care representatives move requests like discount or bulk order to a higher authority for approval.

For sign-in pages and query forms.

Alongside the components of that purchase, the broader category of a purchase are also considered for implementing discounts on Opportunity Line Items (Variants).

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Work Done

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  • Automated manual data entry processes as a result of prefilling
  • Time saved through dynamic document generation.
  • Better customer relations were driven by relevant and personalized interactions.
  • Faster, single click invoice creation.
  • Better service follow-ups and lead management.
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