Our Vision

Our company wants to provide as much assistance as we can, to the people and regions that need it the most. We do this because we believe that, just as businesses should be supported to achieve success, everyone across the global also deserves the same consideration and opportunity.

At HIC Global Solutions we believe that it’s possible for everyone to feel safe and comfortable with enough food and access to medical treatment. It’s possible if every business shares their time, passion and success, which is exactly what we do to help achieve that.

Just as we go the extra mile to support our clients, we do the same to help people struggling with civil war, natural disasters and other situations that aren’t of their making.

Many other businesses help in this way, with more understanding the importance of this action every day. That means that eventually, our vision will come to fruition.


Our Approach

Our actions supporting our social responsibility outlook come in many forms. We regularly make donations to NGOs to support the distribution of blankets, food, water and medical supplies. But that’s not all. At HIC Global Solutions, we don’t just encourage and support our clients and staff to be the best at what they do, we also encourage and support their philanthropic notions.

We want our social impact to be as positive as our business impact is for our clients. That’s why we’ll always find a way to support the various charities and causes that are close to the hearts of our staff.Some members of our dedicated team of professionals, volunteer with the NGOs we support and physically distribute the goods we help to provide.

We also partake in national and global fund-raising events and always say yes to events run by our staff members. Making time to support others is an important to many of the HIC team and we celebrate that with our endorsement of staff-led fundraising activities.

  • Inspiring Kids To Stay in School

  • Kerala Flood Relief

  • Clothes Donation Drive

  • Motivating children with special needs

Inspiring Kids To Stay in School

Knowledge is the foundation of a successful nation, So we tried to spread some motivation & knowledge with our team to those who are far away to get this.
"What greater joy can a teacher feel than to witness a child’s success?"

Kerala Flood Relief

Kerala was devastated with sudden floods in the summer of 2018. We appealed to our Employees to come forward and donate some of the amounts from their salary to help people of Kerala
"Do not avert your eyes.It is important that you see this.It is more important that you feel this"

Clothes Donation Drive

We helped people by Donating Clothes to them through Shuddhi(NGO) so we asked our team to donate their unused clothes to the needy.
"Sharing is Caring Always"

Motivating children with special needs

Without dreams, we have nothing. That's why HIC's team of volunteers headed out to DISHA FOUNDATION for a fun-filled, motivating weekend among children with special needs.
"Sharing is Caring Always"