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A Las Vegas-based promotional company that caters to the sport of Boxing on a nationwide scale.

Since its establishment, it has worked with many prominent world-class fighters and afforded them a platform to fame.

Fight promotions are at the core of the company’s work and are in alliance with several world-class champions and sports networks to promote their events. Several superfights on its promotional lists have grabbed eyeballs and millions of views worldwide, including for international events like Ali v. Frasier, and more recently, McGregor v. Pacquaio.

Salesforce lightning integration

Challenges Faced

Top rank sees a high volume of demand and peak interest in a 2-week span around major boxing events. As such, managing the subscriptions and maintaining a loyal client base with exclusive tailor-made offers becomes critical to their revenue and marketing teams.

The firm requires a proper overhaul of its client data pipeline to make it more amenable to its sales deliverables across its current salesforce platforms. A strategy to make the data as accurate and updated with real-time sync for the benefit of all teams was an added requirement.

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Key Improvement for Client

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Faster access and higher visibility of prospective lead data from raw unprocessed cloud databases
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Reduction in unresponsive cases or dead-end leads due to dynamic linking and real-time sync of matched fields in calls and leads
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Reported repurposability in legacy datasets owing to heavily labeled data, recommendation engines can be easily recruited to explore a course of action for recent as well as older subscription clients

Proposed Solutions

A clear integration of google PubSub’s data stream into the Salesforce platform is proposed to manage lead data in a clearcut, process-first fashion. Both call and lead data, captured from PubSub for Salesforce get fed into the MCFX generator to pick leads.

Using JSON data files for unsaved makes all the relevant fields in the capture easier to segment and match for relevant leads. When a matched lead is generated, additional options for following up on such matches with email marketing process or calls and texts become available as a note. Relevant key info about a prospective lead is viewed via a dynamic link to allow real-time info for sales and marketing. 

 To implement this system all data from Pubsub was decrypted and mapped into JSON bodies that are fed into “call” and “ lead” respectively and then made available for ingestion by Salesforce Lightning Experience.

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Work Done

Salesforce lightning Integration
Salesforce lightning Integration
Salesforce lightning Integration
Salesforce lightning Integration


  • Real-time synchronization of completely updated status and info from PubSub into your Salesforce platform.
  • Robust app-packages created for the client integrated for use with any salesforce instance to make pre-segmented data actionable leads.
  • A centralized database that accesses all deliverable data from PubSub as a stream of JSON data across all salesforce platforms.
  • Apps that can be integrated into Salesforce instances lead to significantly higher options of marketing and sales opportunities for a single client.
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