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Headquartered in Campell, California, the wellness company had establishments spread over multiple US geographies.

The novel meditative Sanus per aquarium has been a hot favorite of big-league athletes to unwind pre-game nervousness and has since featured in several international magazines and news publications, further increasing footfall.

Facilities at these centers provide unique experiences through new approaches to stress relief as well as well being from intense sports and everyday corporate burnout.

Salesforce Implementation

Challenges Faced

Prior to their switchover, for connectivity and expansion, the business used Mindbody, a Saas Cloud platform & marketplace catering specifically to the sports and wellness services vertical. They used this platform primarily for connecting skilled professionals like therapists and meditators to their often busy clientele.

The downside to this was a lacking feature set that was still maturing. Among the missing pieces was a reliable real-time notification system for Record changes across the database. This quickly became an issue, seeing that most services on offer were time-sensitive. Checking if client memberships were still valid in their existing system would mean sifting through endless Records for every transaction.

Equally, scheduling hectic therapy professionals for availability was arduous, and sorely needed notifications for client unavailability.

Key Improvement for Client

0 %
Reduction in unallocated practitioner hours
0 %
Rise in timely subscription renewals
0 min.
Average response time for inquiries and subscription details

The Solutions:

Chiefly, the project involved integrating the company’s earlier system on Mindbooks and synchronize platforms bidirectionally. Needless
Chose applications, subscriptions, and configurations to support their operations and use cases.

Leads scored, Sales made, Contact management, followups appointments, existing clients subscriptions, and schedules, Contracts, and Visit data we’re all brought over from Mindbody into a unified interface that lived on Salesforce.

More crucially, Reports, Dashboards, and Cross-operational notifications with real-time updates were also implemented to stimulate agent proactiveness.

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  • Response times dropped sharply across all Record inquiries.
  • Relevant Reports and Dashboard Insights drove faster executive decision making, helping the company capture market faster for first-mover advantage in its wellness niche.
  • All around navigation and ease and mobility for service personnel.
  • Optimal scheduling, allocation, and utility for on-roll practitioner hours.
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