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Stationed in Oakland, California, the foundation is a non-profit provider of individualized support and attention for reading. 

The programs are aimed at helping children read at the grade-level by grade 4, as well as at helping them stay in school to lower dropout rates for a chance at a fulfilling life.

Operations and methodologies are backed by pedagogical research findings as well as support from multiple friend foundations.

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Challenges Faced

ISV License Optimizations

To make its programs work, the group forges associations with local communities, parents, teachers, and workshops to meet requirements for reading support.

For this, the company needed a way to take in volunteers through forms, administer training for one-on-one literacy tutoring, and track progress over structured lesson plans in various geographies.

They’d already set up Formstack for these purposes, but they weren’t using their license capabilities to the fullest and were in needed significant directions and recommendations.

Unscheduled Processes

Apart from these specific processes needed to be called at the end of the sequence that couldn’t be done through Process Builder and thus uses triggers.

Key Improvement for Client

0 %
Immediate reduction in time-to-verify for prospective volunteers.
0 %
Sharp decline in reported detail-captures.
0 %
Overall drop in Case-Resolution TAT.

Proposed Solutions

Form Enhancements

We implemented template styles in Formstack for Light and Dark reading modes.

Processes and Flow Automations

Next, a Process calculated volunteer hours and

Separate flows were written to automate capturing Volunteer hours and subsequent updates.

They Had volunteer forms for multiple locations. We worked on the one for Baltimore. Also, Contacts would get inserted with each form filled through another Workflow.

Fields for Annual Tutor Data, Volunteer Hours and To Entry were also added to the Contact Object.

Trigger-based Schedules

They could now update fields over other Objects in the desired sequence through a Trigger

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  • An overall reduction in case processing hours resulting from a fall in the time taken by follow-ups and eligibility checks.
  • Accurate, usable capture of Lead details upon creation.
  • Buttons and master list accelerated Lead access and related actions by eliminating tab trails.
  • A reported increase in case-handling productivity of agents.
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