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When it is important to know everything about the patient, Salesforce is transforming the Healthcare Industry by engaging with the patients in more personalised manner and creating relationships between doctors and patients. Also, empowering the administrators seize new opportunities with innovative solutions meeting the challenges of today’s healthcare industry.

Helping in accelerating growth by optimizing customer engagements and with world-class innovative solutions, Salesforce enables the team to focus only on the patient’s health and treatment.

Salesforce healthcare services by HIC Global Solutions

About Company

RejuvenX is a group of fully trained, experienced, specialty physicians providing the complete spectrum of musculoskeletal care from prevention and diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation.

We are committed to providing quality care to all our patients while simultaneously exceeding their service expectations. At RejuvenX, we strive to provide patient-centered care, giving our patients immediate and convenient access to the latest in treatment protocols and procedures. RejuvenX is a group of fully trained, experienced, specialty physicians, providing the complete spectrum of musculoskeletal care from prevention and diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation.

At RejuvenX, we are growing, expanding and developing the pinnacle of provider and patient-centered, science-based, non-surgical, non-pharmacological healthcare. Our standards for unparalleled excellence in patient experience and clinical care throughout our rapidly expanding network of innovative clinics is who we are to the core. We strive for better health outcomes, happier patients, employee happiness, satisfaction, and longevity.

Salesforce for healthcare

Key Improvement for Client

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Overall reduction in agent time to manage access through separate dashboards.
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Fall in time to evaluation through ready metrics from batch updates.
Basis point increase in practitioner satisfaction with work credits through territory protection

The Challenge:

When the thousands of patients pour in all the time, it is essential to respond, treat and give time to every one of them. Reaching out to them on time, understanding their requirements and offering them the precise medicine at the right time is crucial.

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The Solutions:

The Patient Management System uses HIC Global Solutions Salesforce Customization Service, enabling the doctors to deliver better treatment to the patient with a single point of engagement maximizing proficiency and delivering excellent patient experiences.

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The Features:

Helping the doctors connect with the patient, it offers many features such as

  • There are many predefined fields available in the Account Menu. The Patient Management System enables us to add Custom Fields such as email id, address or phone number to it or create an object.
  • A Visual Page to fill a form is created for the patient on the account which responds immediately, by directing to the Medical Form if the doctor is in the one-mile radius of the patient, else it directing the patient to the After Hours Form and fixes an appointment with the doctor.
  • The Geolocation Custom Field enabled allows the user to identify the location of the patients and doctors and track the doctor’s movements in case of emergencies.
  • A Visual Force Page to Fill Referral Received form is created which enables the doctor to refer another doctor to a patient.
  • A Visual Force component transformed the Lookup Fields to Autocomplete Text Fields on Referral Received & After Hours Events Page enabling the user to search for the doctor by typing only a few letters and not an entire name.
  • The Data Loader for Salesforce is a third party tool that automatically updates the addresses or other details of the account if needed.
  • The Note Button enables every account to make some note such as remarks on patient schedules, appointment details, or more for themselves
  • The Game Plan Button enables the doctors to create remarks on each patient regarding their treatments, medicines, tests, reports or more.
  • Insightful reports and strategical dashboards enables the administrators or the authority figures to analyse the doctors performance-based on patients treated, cured, currently consulting and more.

Work Done

Salesforce for healthcare


  • Optimized Patient Engagement and exception patient experiences.
  • Insightful reports and multiple dashboards to track and maintain data.
  • Centralized data repository for all patient reducing redundancy and inconsistency
  • Unified records of all patients help in effective and quick treatment.
  • On-Time reach to the patients in case of emergencies.
  • Faster evaluation through ready metrics
  • Single-view patient info with notes and details
  • Easier record and referral source search.
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