Modernize the Pension Process with Salesforce

Every industry changing its landscape with technology intervention, Pension Industry, however, lagged a little with slow paper documentation, manual processes and frustrated employees and customers.

Pension Management with Salesforce is an online pension manager that makes the pension funding process more efficient from day one. It simplifies the pension process by bringing the digital modernization to it; merging all the old pensions with the new ones and offers dynamic features like live pension balance, web-based withdrawals, documentation management, marketing emails, engaging strategies and more. It offers sophisticated digital experiences where users get complete transparency and control on their funds.

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About Bendesk:

Bendesk is a digital B2B solution for managing corporate & employee benefits. Both sides can use the cloud to view their selected modules online or with their mobile phone or tablet. Bendesk simultaneously documents all historical and current data so that legal requirements are met.

For the company, Bendesk offers the possibility to streamline internal processes, to understand the complexity of the individual modules like bAV and to simplify time-consuming processes. At the same time, the company saves on ancillary labor costs and the employee effectively taxes at the click of a mouse.

Unused tax benefits are often not used because the knowledge in the company is not known and the implementation seems too complicated for many. Whether vouchers for employees, meal allowance, flat rate vouchers or company pension plans (bAV) – Bendesk allows more net for the employee. For both the HR team and each individual employee, Bendesk optimizes access to all components offered and transparently demonstrates possible savings potential.

Optionally, their team of BAV experts supports the integration and implementation of company pension plans within the company. Taking over the internal processes saves time and saves nerves. From advice, through the conclusion to the subsequent administration – everything is possible over Bendesk.

Salesforce Pension Management System

Key Improvement for Client

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Reduction in service times through elimination of screen-toggle time.
0 %
Fall in access and dispatch times of Customer Pension Records.
0 %
Overall lowered on-boarding cycle time.

The Problem:

With the requests of new pension plans, transfers, expirations or renewals coming in every day, interacting with the customers and servicing them became less optimal. When any call or email arrives, the customer service reps had to toggle between multiple screens to get the details on each customer to serve them, losing valuable time.

Hence this manual process of submitting data and managing data in the systems needed to be streamlined and automated through a single system.

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The Solutions:

  • Pension Management with Salesforce offers a flexible, scalable and automated pension management system with HIC Global Solutions Salesforce customization and Custom apps services. It allows us to have complete details on each customer such as personal information, service period, employment data, account balance and pension data with the history of all the conversations done with the customer service rep at an instant.
  • It tracks all the interactions with the customer daily and manages their individual accounts simultaneously. When any customer calls, the customer service rep gets their pension contract record promptly which has everything they need to know about the caller, such as their personal information for the identification, phase of their pension period, account details and last touchpoints with the service reps.
  • Allowing automated submission, managing policy documentation and merging multiple pensions to a single account, Pension Management with Salesforce makes it fast and easy for both customers and customer service reps. While streamlining laborious tasks automatically, the team’s time is saved and can be put to other efficient and lucrative tasks.

The Features:

  • Unified data on a single system eliminating any discrepancies between disparate pensions.
  • All the updated data on each customer account is reflected instantly and can be managed easily.
  • Meticulous, quick and personalized customer service with easy navigation between customer’s records.
  • Pension plans can be made as per the details of each client with respective strategies.
  • Quick and efficient customer on-boarding process on a scale.
  • The multiple accounts of the customer that be merged or updated if and when needed.
  • Mass E-Mail or Personalised emails like on-boarding email, feedback email, policy updating email or welcome email can be sent for customer engagement.

Work Done

Salesforce Pension Management System
Salesforce Pension Management System
Salesforce Pension Management System


  • All the data is stored on a unified platform.
  • Easy and quick navigations for customer data.
  • Improved customer relations with efficient and personalised customer service.
  • A 360 degree view on customer account information.
  • Ensure customer records integrity.
  • Time and Efforts of the team is saved.
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