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Salesforce is the most popular CRM in the market. It not only manages the entire business process but streamlines all the tasks by centralizing the entire operations in one system. Offering extensive customization, it has a huge user base all around the world in all sorts of organizations and enterprises. It allows the organizations to customize its processes as per their needs with existing modules or third party specialized tools. Marketing, Customer Support, Database, In-depth Analysis, Customer Services and more can be done in Salesforce. 

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About Silicon Expert

Founded in 2000, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, SiliconExpert is the leading industry provider of electronic component data and parts management software in the electronics industry. SiliconExpert’s software and data are used daily by thousands of electronic engineers, supply chain and procurement managers at leading Fortune 500 companies.

SiliconExpert Technologies’ Electronic Parts Database is one of the most accurate, comprehensive and current in the industry covering more than one billion electronic components in hundreds of product lines from over 15,000 suppliers. End-of-life (EOL) forecasting, finding Cross References (form, fit and function alternatives), Lifecycle statuses, Parametric Data and Product Change Notice (PCN) alerts are few of the features of SiliconExpert’s suite of products that provide Part Search, BOM Management and Obsolescence mitigation solutions.

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The Problem:

Microsoft Excel or spreadsheets have been the foundation of any business database for a very long time. Used for innumerable purposes like data repository, data analysis, data computations and more, spreadsheets are easy, convenient and flexible to use.

Before Salesforce or any other CRM, spreadsheets were used by the organizations for data management or tracking key performance indicators as everything was saved in it. But once Salesforce arrived, it overpowered the spreadsheets by streamlining all the business processes into one, eliminating the use of disorganized multiple spreadsheets.

Salesforce helps in getting most out of your data.

Salesforce lets you make reports on the data with critical analysis, provide meaningful insights, forecast revenue growth, offer real-time data and prepare dashboards to understand the ongoing processes, enticing the organizations to move from spreadsheets to Salesforce.

But the ubiquity and profuse use of Excel in workplaces say a lot about the CRMs and spreadsheets. There are still some things that the CRM can’t do or users prefer spreadsheets over them.

Note that that’s why ‘Export to Excel’ function is still the highlight of many IT systems.

The team of SiliconExpert needed to update their CRM, Salesforce, as per their continuous changes in their spreadsheets.

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The Solutions:

With its API integration and Salesforce Customizations services, HIC Global Solutions made Excel To Salesforce tool that connects your Excel to the Salesforce and offers the best of both. Leveraging the strength of both the technologies, flexibly and control of Excel and Salesforce respectively, Excel to Salesforce makes Excel its interface with Salesforce’s security, radically increasing the productivity of the users.

Excel to Salesforce easily loads your excel data in Salesforce into proper fields and creates a two-way synchronization between excel and Salesforce. When any user edits or updates any data in the spreadsheet, it is automatically updated to Salesforce instantly and all the users are provided with updated data, newly computing results, latest analysis without any latency.

The Features:

  • Connects Salesforce records from Excel and updates them instantly.
  • Efficient Field Mapping in Salesforce as per Excel fields.
  • All the data is centralized in one place.
  • No more multiple spreadsheet versions with multiple users, only updated centralized database.
  • Adhere to the macros, workflows or permissions in Excel.
  • Adhere to the excel formulas, logics and calculations in Salesforce.

Work Done

Integrate excel to salesforce
Integrate excel to salesforce
Integrate excel to salesforce


  • The user no longer need to spend time to create and update fields from Excel to Salesforce has been eliminated.
  • Eliminated any possibility of data loss.
  • Saves manpower and reduces the risk of data error.
  • Saves time, reduces latency and improves processes.
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